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By Sara Nawaz

Best Winter Beauty Products  Skincare ! Makeup
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We have a few Best Winter Beauty Products things we want to show you today leading up into our colder months into the winter months  your skin changes a little bit you might want to think about your skincare routine , makeup . We have some kind of trendy makeup that you might want to give a go so stick around .

Best Winter Beauty Products Featured:

1.    Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Exfoliator

2.    Tower 28 Beauty SOS Save.Our.Skin Daily Rescue Facial Spray

3.    Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-exfoliating Scalp Scrub Shampoo

4.     DAGEDA Clear Eyebrow Setting Gel, 2 Pack Brow Fix Gel, Waterproof And Sweat-Proof Eyebrow Repair Liquid Brows

5.   Maison Margiela ‘REPLICA’ By the Fireplace

6.    Sephora Collection 12 Hour Contour Pencil Eyeliner

Winter Skin Care Products List

1.    Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant Exfoliator

So I got pretty good at knowing what to bring with me for those colder um sort of seasonal temperatures that i just was not used to in the beginning yeah and i think most people do not exfoliate enough. ir?t=beautysecre06 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B071ZBJPH7I think in general most people don’t exfoliate enough a lot of times when you’re trying a new foundation and you think it looks textured probably just need to exfoliate  so one of my picks Best Winter Beauty Products.

I use pretty much every day but i think it’s especially important to use it and the winter months is the dermalogica daily microfoliant exfoliator and the funny thing is the top question. I get about this is can you use it daily & recommends applying . I’m like it’s called i used that last night yeah it’s called daily micro foliage So it’s super super gentle it has papain enzymes which is papaya anything like fruit related tends to be really good exfoliating it has salicylic acid in it which is great for like going really deep into the pores .


It’s a rice based powder so it’s super gentle kind . i mean i have  sensitive skin& irritated skin to this type of thing and i the daily one is totally fine for me super super gentle & Best Winter Beauty Products .





How to Use 


When you use it i won’t activate it here but when you use it it’s a powder and what you want to do what i like to do is wet my hands beforehand . I usually do it in the shower just so the powder sticks to my hand it doesn’t go everywhere and then i make it into a paste put on my face and then i add more water. So you know it’s ready when you start to see little bubbles on your face it almost seems like it’s too thin of a consistency.




But all the ingredients like dive deep down into your skin so it doesn’t really need to be that thick um it also has oatmeal in a colonial oatmeal which is probably . Why it’s really gentle and works really well for you if you want something that’s not salicylic acid based you can use the um super microfoliant which is similar but it’s like a charcoal color but this is just really really great.


You Can Add Cleanser


You can add it to your cleanser yeah okay tell me more about it yeah so adding it to the cleanser is just literally like. I usually mix it with my youth to the people superfood cleanser or whichever one you want usually a gel based cleanser works really well just put like one squirt in it put it in and then you put water too or you just put that on just a regular amount of water .


I would put with cleanser but i do that too one works with dripping large. I’m telling all these people that I’m doing this thing is it and she said it’s totally you can’t really mess it up but the tips you did have for me is make sure you add enough water so that bubbles but really great to use like . I said super super gentle you can use it daily sometimes i use it twice a day because my skin’s a little bit tougher but definitely try it out on.


Your dry skin, sensitive skin, irritated skin and see what works best so since you talked about exfoliation obviously we know generally moisturizer is so important when you exfoliate but i skin feeling like that was kind of like 101. 

2.   Tower 28 Beauty SOS Save.Our.Skin Daily Rescue Facial Spray

That’s the first thing we always think about you know you need to moisturize after you exfoliate.  I wanted to talk about something that I’ve been really upset you’ve heard me talk about this like every single day this is from tower 28 and it’s sos save our skin daily rescue facial spray.




It’s literally three ingredients it’s filtered water salt and hypochlorous acid and what it does is it helps to calm the skin during the winter. I feel like my i have dry skin to begin with so my skin gets really dry it gets especially dry in the winter . I’m like just like pouring moisturizer on myself constantly hyaluronic acid but what happens when your skin is a little bit more dry is it’s more susceptible to irritation just your moisture barrier that moisture barrier exactly and i feel like this spray really helps to keep my skin calm of course.


You can use like a ceramide moisturizer for that moisture barrier to really keep your skin nice and protected but this is going to help keep it calm . If you are exfoliating during the winter skin to help with some of that dryness this is going to help relieve some of the side effects that might happen from exfoliating occasionally .


If you over exfoliate and make a mistake  and fall to winter chemical peel season yes and i get my two chemical peels like every year so this is something. I’m going to keep by as I’m sort of replenishing my skin dose of hydration and what’s so cool about this too which i thought was awesome for you because you always deal with eczema.


I know that this is like what did she say she’s like it’s the only brand that is actually certified certified national eczema association it’s on the back of the bottle . So you know they’ve really done their research had this tested make sure that then tends to get worse either in like top season either super hot months or super cold months it tends to get a lot worse exactly .  So these are winter picks but these work all year round these are just kind of issues that we tend to deal with because it’s hard .


When you’ve got to stay cute all year round and you’re dealing with the same problems everybody else’s so another exfoliating pick for me because i just feel like i don’t know about you but like i have eczema i just feel like i just have so much like dead skin cells.

3. Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-exfoliating Scalp Scrub Shampoo

I just need to get rid of us and you see them a lot more in the winter months because there’s like nothing there’s no humidity to sort of moisturize your skin and your scalp and things like that . This is the scalp revival charcoal and coconut oil micro exfoliating shampoo you’ve seen this a thousand times because it works really well we all really like it we all really like it  and it has charcoal .


Which detoxifies the scalp it has that coconut oil coconut oil is a really great cleanser if you ever run out of makeup remover coconut oil works blue ball and it just kind of like. I don’t know just it’s great people always ask how to use it because it is this sort of like creamy paste . When i wash my hair wash it in four sections or at least two sections because it’s really thick and i just dip my fingertips into the whole thing it’s really grounded  that’s the easiest way to do it.


Just dip my fingertips up to the knuckle to the whole thing and just insert it right into the scalp and do it that way. Because you want to get it hair mask on the scalp and then it’ll suds up even though it’s sulfate free and you can kind of like drag it down your hair to cleanse it but it’s mainly for the scalp which is really really great.


I don’t usually have to deal with itchy scalp that oftentimes i do lucky and that’s  if you’re someone that does have itchy scalp you can use it maybe like twice a month maybe like every week . When you first start using it just so you know detox your scalp but for me i usually use it like once a month when i use a clarifying shampoo.


But this is great you guys really like it too because if you don’t have a lot of hair you just want to keep your scalp looking really nice because most likely . If you have like a fade or something like that  in the winter it’s really good stuff it smells really good because it has that like those minty oils i love tea tree oil because it feels good on the scalp too  it’s stimulating exfoliate it’s .


So refreshing and you’ll notice if you stimulate your scalp and you massage it and keep it clean your hair will just grow a lot better . If you deal with flat hair which is kind of an issue in the winter because you’re probably after my life . So i don’t wear any hats during the winter time but if you have to you’re going to have flat hair so this will help kind of on all fronts.

4.    DAGEDA Clear Eyebrow Setting Gel, 2 Pack Brow Fix Gel, Waterproof And Sweat-Proof Eyebrow Repair Liquid Brows

So i wanted to talk a little bit about brows because i know you know and everyone’s probably seen it on social but brow lamination has been such a thing fluffy big brows brow is where . You basically kind of push the brow against your skin to create a laminated effect and it creates a lot of lift and shape it’s just a really cool kind of trend that’s been happening and i really feel like it’s going to lead us into the winter months.

ir?t=beautysecre06 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B08FT51FFD

I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon so i wanted to talk a little bit about makeup so this one is from koh sauce and this is the air brow clear and clean lifting treatment eyebrow gel with lamination effect . So this is the clear one they have tinted ones as well but what i love about it is that for a brow lamination effect this is super user-friendly because brow lamination can take two steps quite often .


You have to lay it down and you have to push it up and kind of then you do your brow it’s like an after thing exactly whereas. I feel like this is a little bit more beauty newbie friendly user friendly in general it’s just a stoolie so I don’t have any gel in my brows at the moment.


So I just want to show you how this works coat the brush nice and then you’re just gonna brush in upward strokes and make sure you coat the brow hairs really well push it out and then I let that side sit for a second . If you ever wondered why celebrities had thinner brows back in the day they magically grew thicker brows one is a trendy thing but they’re brushing their brows up and they just look a lot thicker .

Best Winter Beauty Products | Skincare | Makeup
Image Source: Pexels
It can create the effect of so much more so you can really see that I brush them straight up I like a bushy brow brushed up nice and almost editorial so you can do a little bit less. If you want but this is kind of how I like to wear it and then once it dries down it really doesn’t budge it doesn’t move I feel like it stays in place keeps that volume for me and I have thick brow hair .


So it’s pretty impressive if you have thinner brows like me which they don’t look thinner except product in them obviously if you think you don’t need brow gel because I didn’t think I needed brow gel years ago they do give you . So like they double the volume of your brows which is really really nice so definitely look into like I like to have a clear one and a colored one just for certain days yes sometimes you want them a little darker sometimes you just want sometimes. I don’t like to even fill them in you know i know you said you have thinner hair so you usually would but sometimes . I don’t even fill it in and I’ll just use that on its own and it creates such a fuller brow okay so this is another thing you’ve seen .

5.   Maison Margiela ‘REPLICA’ By the Fireplace

My favorites and it’s from mesa marzella and this is the replica by the fireplace fragrance and it’s very hard to replicate a holiday vibe in a way but it’s like 85 degrees 85 degrees and like it just it can be kind of hard. I like it to have a little bit of you know something so this has vanilla it has clove oil and then it has this like really nice like burnt like wood and chestnuts which is really really pretty .


I have the candle as well they make really great candles but it’s really nice before.  I have a holiday dinner to kind of spritz the place and then turn on the candle it gives that vibe because your ac is on it’s 85 degrees and you’re trying to you know have a holiday dinner it’s like it’s it’s a little difficult but also you have to think about in the colder months the air.


I feel like is a little thinner smells scents are a little bit more obvious versus like it’s humid and like things smell a little sweeter in the summer your scents are a little bit more obvious. So this is really nice because it has that like gourmand warm and spicy vibe that people can actually smell but it just smells so good it’s one of my  favorites .


I feel like every time I wear this people always want to know what it is I was going to say I feel like everyone wants to know what this is all the time and it smells like their childhood home . I always feel like this reminds people of like their home because  whether because it’s a gourmand like you said .


So it’s like that kind of almost baking they say that like this is a neutral fragrance they say that men like vanilla because it reminds them of like somebody cooking for them like which is totally true but I just I like it because the for me it’s like the burnt wood smell it just smells so good it smells like you have a fireplace it . Just smells like a cabin it smells really really great but again uh even those a female and male fragrance because everybody likes it. They’ll stop you when you’re wearing this because it’s beautiful oh yeah anyone can wear.

6.    Sephora Collection 12 Hour Contour Pencil Eyeliner

So my last pick is from Sephora collection and this is the 12 hour contour pencil eyeliner I have a few shades here like pink and burgundy and gold and black . I also have like a fresh minty blue one at home that I wear all the time these are like kind of they’ve become my go-to eyeliners.

I feel like they’re really easy to use and they have so many different colors what’s really cool about using something like this going into the colder months into winter is I feel like you can take your day look whether you’ve been working all day . You’re just out running errands and you have a little bit of makeup on you can take that day look into a night look for whatever holiday party .


So easily and I’m gonna show you real quick this shade I’m gonna use is called golden hour and I’m gonna use my Sephora collection brush number 18. It’s just like a little pro shadow brush that’s a little bit more dense at the tip to help blend it out but it’s so simple.


I’m literally just going to take the pencil and draw underneath to lay down that product and then I’ll use the brush to really blend it out and I’m not being very careful because this is what’s really great about using an under liner in general is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. I don’t really believe in perfection when it comes to makeup all right. I’m just gonna toss it under the second eye before I start blending them both  I feel like filming from home so much in the last year .


I have on  Sephora collection but the little chubbier stick the colorful shadow  I love those in the shade brown which is like a copper shade that’s all I have under my eye people always ask like how does your eye shadow not run under your eye . We’d use pencil usually instead of shadow hooded eyes like watery eyes this works really well .


When you’re like rushing to go somewhere like not to mention no fallout yeah there’s no fallout using this on your under line versus a shadow . You’re not going to mess up your concealer that you might already have on during the day moving into the night if you want to put shadow over it you can it’ll stick really well and it’ll become waterproof as well . But this is what I do every single day whether it’s like a dark Smokey eye with a deeper color or just something like this it’s really subtle this golden hour shade is pretty because it’s it’s just like a well.


It looks like golden hour quite literally definitely good for people who are like used to just like plain black under their eyes which can be kind of harsh especially . If you don’t do a lot on top this just gives you like a subtle like natural shadow under the eye .

I love dark circles just I love that you create your own dark circles I do that with brown sometimes . But i think that it’s so like if you have dark circles you didn’t get some good sleep like cover it up with glitter .


I always take like a red or brown like give myself a little dark circle to like look a little like you know sultry or I think it looks really good um but yeah this is definitely nice because I feel like holiday makeup tends to be like do a burgundy lip and a glitter eye and sometimes . You just don’t feel like doing that so this is a very easy way to do like a holiday party look without a ton of makeup .


So there you go these are our Best Winter Beauty Products: Skincare, Makeup that i think solve a lot of problems that you have in the winter time or just colder months or if you’re experiencing dry skin , skin tone also there’s some like fun looks. Looks really fresh and fun uh without putting you know glitter and all these things on that might overwhelm you  some of you from like colder cities might want to like leave us some really good tips  for Best Winter Beauty Products: Skincare, Makeup .

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