Do you do you do the mistakes to shampoo

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By Sara Nawaz

Do you do you do the mistakes to shampoo

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Washing hair with shampoo may seem like an easy task, but did you know that in doing so, mistakes can be made unconsciously that we don’t even know about? People usually wash their hair with a quick shampoo, but have you ever wondered if doing so does not harm the hair or whether it is beneficial to wash the hair with this shampoo or not?
Many people also complain that they wash their hair with shampoo every day or every other day, but still their hair looks dull and does not shine. Here are some small mistakes made during shampooing, which have a huge impact.

1- Maybe you are using the Wrong Shampoo?

Just as people’s faces, skin, etc. are different from each other, so are everyone’s hair styles, which is why everyone has to take care of their hair in their own way. The biggest mistake that can be made is to use the wrong shampoo. It is not necessary that one shampoo is good for one person in the house, it should also beautify the other’s hair, so try to choose the shampoo that you want.
Give better results and keep the scalp soft.

2. You are not Paying Attention to the Roots of the Hair

An important purpose of shampooing is also to clean the scalp, as it gets dirty with dust, but if you are not doing this properly, you are misusing the shampoo, learn to clean the scalp with shampoo and thoroughly clean the hair afterwards.

3. Use More Hot Water

It is good to take a bath with hot water, especially in winter. Taking a bath with hot water is no less than a blessing, but sometimes it is harmful instead of beneficial. More hot water dries the hair which makes it look bloated. So, use plain water to wash your hair next time and finally pour cold water on the hair so that the top surface of the hair stays fine.

4- Do not Wet the Hair Completely

It is often the case that when you are in a hurry and apply shampoo on your hair  without washing it thoroughly, the shampoo does not work properly in the hair because the scalp is still dry, so it is necessary. Wash your head thoroughly before shampooing.

5- Do not Wash your Hair Properly After Applying Shampoo

If your hair is brittle and the scalp is itchy, one of the reasons may be that you still have shampoo particles on your hair or have not washed it properly, when the scalp is not washed properly after shampooing.
So oil starts to come out from the head and itching starts, so after applying shampoo, it is very important to wash it properly and clean the roots.

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