Eye Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes Step by Step

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By Sara Nawaz

We created this Eye Makeup looks  for Brown Eyes Step by Step and this eye look actually is one of your  favorite looks ever I absolutely love it I love the warm tones and it really made your  eye color stand out but before we go in with any eyeshadow.
Eye Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes Step by Step

Eye Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes Step by Step

You are  gonna prime your  eyelids like always you are  gonna use the MAC Cosmetics paint pot in the color soft ochre and to apply this we are  taking your p84 brush from Sigma Beauty.   Your are  just gonna use this primer all over the eyelid this is going to remove all the redness and it’s going to make sure that your  eyeshadow is gonna stay in place all day.  So after applying this you are going to take this Pencil from Laura Mercier.  This is a kind of like a stick eye shadow. Like a creamy eyeshadow. 
You will  never tried like using a cream eye shadow like this underneath your  eyeshadows and you ‘ve seen a lot of makeup artist doing this trick so you just wanted to give it a go.  It just looks so beautiful in a really classy way  and super easy and Eye Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes
You  had no idea what you  was doing you  just applied it all over the eyelid using a flat shading brush and then you  kind of seeped your brush back and forth towards the crease area and then you also kind of directed it a little bit further so it gets more of a V-shape at the outer end of the eyelid.
Simple Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes


You  kind of winged it towards the end of your  brow . You  did this because you want the eyeshadow to be there as well so you  wanted to make sure to put this product over there as well now. 

Neutral Eyeshadow Looks Step by Step

You are not really sure if this is actually really necessarily if you create the eye look & super easy and Eye Makeup Looks . There is like a one that makes hazel eyes stand out, there’s one that makes Brown Eyes stand out,  there’s one for green eyes and there’s one for blue eyes. Now this palette is made for blue eyes you don’t really think your eyes are super blue but they kind of when you put like light on your eyes it’s kind of like blue and green at the same time but this palette is kind of like the most neutral one. 

So  you are  using that matte dark brown color and you are gonna start blending this in the outer V area. &super easy and simple Eye Makeup Looks .  Softly blending it into the crease area as well kind of making like a wing shape at the outer end you really took your  time for this because you used the cream base underneath and it wasn’t really working the way you  wanted it to be was kind of looking patchy .

So you had to keep blending and blending until it was looking soft but you can see now it’s already starting to look better you just had to  like slowly apply the eye shadow build it up and make sure that there are no harsh lines . You  do think when you use a cream shadow underneath eyes shadow the eye shadow is gonna stick into the cream eye shadow which is gonna make it long-lasting so that’s really nice for if you want to make sure that your eyeshadow is gonna stay in place all day & super easy and simple eye makeup looks for Brown Eyes .

So you are  gonna go in with this light color taking a Small Eyeshadow Brush and applying it in the inner corner area of the eyelids kind of pressing it on the eyelid also going up a bit higher in the inner corner and how you  do it at the other side of your  eye as well we ‘regonna create it’s sort of Ombre . So this is the light color and you applied it in inner corner and now for the next color you are gonna use this one using your  finger you can also use a brush and spray a little bit of setting spray on it and then go into the eye shadow.

This is gonna make it more shimmery not really shimmery it’s already shimmery but more like a metallic kind of finish & super easy and simple eye makeup looks for Brown Eyes . You think you just use your  finger because your  didn’t want it to be too intense. you really like a subtle shimmer and sparkle on the center of the eyelid and you  think so far the eye.

Look is already looking really nice you can see like the darkness in the outer V and that light color in the inner corner in the center of the eyelid you really like you  looks like this you  feel like it’s really suitable for bridal makeup, prom makeup and actually for any occasion you want to wear it for.

Neutral Eyeshadow Looks Step by Step


You are going to use this pencil from Charlotte Tilbury as well it has two sides it has this side which you are  using right now is which is more like a matte warm Brown and it also has like a more softer copper shimmery side. You are gonna use both of them today you are gonna use this one to create a line about the lash line . You are  going to use this shimmery pencil side for in the waterline .

I  absolutely love this pencil that you are  gonna use it so much more often because it’s actually really hard to find a pencil in a color like this & super easy and simple eye makeup looks for Brown Eyes . You  really like the morphe brushes  .  so you are  really excited that you  now found like a different one even though Charlotte Tilbury is way more expensive when you would compare it to morphe brushes but if you  would compare it I think this one is even more beautiful .

I really like the undertone of this pencil and I’m definitely gonna use it more often and I also like that it has two sides so it has this side and it has a different color so I just think it’s really cool. So you  used the matte brown color and blended it on top of the liner to kind of smudge it out and then I’m taking that shade again but this time using a flat definer brush from Sigma .

You are not sure it’s a synthetic blending brush that comes in your  brush kit and you are  just blending your  brush back and forth there now going back in with the pencil this time you are  taking a copper side now you are  using it for the waterline. It’s super beautiful shades like this really make blue eyes stand out that’s the reason why you  wanted to use it and you  definitely feel like it made your eye color stand out more but even though this is gonna make blue eyes stand out. 

I think it’s gonna look amazing on any eye color I think it’s gonna be just as beautiful on brown eyes,  green eyes,  hazel eyes.  I think this these shades are just so freak in beautiful absolutely love them & super easy and simple Eye Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes . So now we use this coppery shade a little bit under Neath the lower lash line just because you  wanted to use every color in this palette even though there are only four shades.

You are  really happy with how it’s looking so far when you look at the palette at first it might look a little bit basic like there are only four colors but if you see the look that you  made in combination with the pencils.  I think it’s actually quite impressive & super easy and simple Eye Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes .

You are  definitely gonna use this palette again and so far you  just really enjoy using it so now you are  going to use the tweezer man eyelash curler and just quickly curling your lashes so for your mascara you are  gonna use the Essence | Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara. I  absolutely love this mascara it makes your  lower lashes super long the only thing I don’t like is that the mascara wand is quite big and I prefer to have like a mascara wand which will leave a tinier it’s easier to use but regardless it may mascara is super long now your upper lashes are a bit of a mess they never looked the way. 

So you  did apply some fake lashesI think it’s definitely  it just it just looks so beautiful in a really classy way & super easy and simple Eye Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes .

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