The Magic of Almond Oil for Skin Benefits

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By Sara Nawaz

Almond Oil for Skin Benefits
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Almond Oil for Skin Benefits &Uses 

There are some secrets of Almond Benefits for Skin and Hair  hidden in this oil which you will surely be amazed to know. You all know that almonds have many health benefits. Eating them makes the brain faster . And applying its this oil   in the hair mask the hair strong, thick and shiny but did you know that this oil also has a good effect on all skin types? Yes, let’s find out how almonds help to Almond Oil Beauty Tips.

Face Moisturizer :

Almond Oil Face Moisturizer
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This oil affects every skin type whether it is Almond Oil for Dry Face or normal skin, this oil is very light which makes it easily absorbed into the skin & almond oil for face glow. But it is best for this Oil for Dry Face , it only needs to be massaged daily which  Moisturizing the face .

Chapped Lips :

Almond Oil For Chapped Lips
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Are your lips cracked? If the lips are chapped, apply a lip glass made of almond oil instead of balm or prepare a lip glass at home.

  1. Almond oil———four to five drops
  2. Honey————-one teaspoon

You mix  well and put it in an airtight container. And apply it on the lips comfortably all week. Using it will make your lips glow pink and they will also become healthy.

Wrinkles :

Almond Oil Wrinkles
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This oil contains which vitamin A ,B and E , which can be applied to the face to reduce wrinkles. Benefits of Almond oil Massage on face this almond oil on face overnight  and sleep. Get up in the morning and wash your face in a normal way. This will restore the radiance of your face.

Dark Circles :

Almond Oil Dark Circles
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Dark circles under and around the eyes are a big problem. Massage with this oil to get rid of it. After a while you will notice that the dark circles have completely disappeared .

Scrub For Face :

Almond Oil Scrub For Face
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This oil is also used in facial scrubbing. Scrubbing even in the form of cleansing will remove all the dirt from the face.  And dead skin will also come out, you just have to :

  1. Almond oil——–Few drops
  2. Sugar——–one teaspoon

You mix  well   And with this scrub, the face has to be scrubbed in anti-clockwise direction.

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