How to Use Aloe Vera Gel for Silky Hair

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By Sara Nawaz

How to Make Aloe Vera Gel for Hair

Aloe Vera remedies for hair:

how to make use best  aloe vera gel for  styling silky growth coconut oil for  hair & can we apply aloe vera gel on hair after applying oil overnight
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Aloe Vera Gel for Hair Styling

Use this gel as hair protecting gel Before applying heat apply this gel all over your hair Aloe Vera gel will act as a natural heat protector. 

When you want to use straightener at home, just apply Aloe Vera gel before using the, it will protect them from heat and at the same time will give them extra shine.

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DIY Conditioner

Use Aloe Vera gel as conditioner. The process to follow: 

1.    Take 2 tsp Aloe Vera Gel

2.    Add 1 tsp Lemon Juice 

3.    Add few drops of Essential Oil 

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  Your DIY conditioner is ready.


  Aloe Vera Overnight Hair Mask

Overnight hair mask with Aloe Vera gel. The process to follow: 

1.   Add 2 tsp of Gel

2.   Add oil of 1 Vitamin E Capsule

  Apply this on your scalp and hair, massage and wash your hair in morning.

 Deep Conditioning Hair Pack  

  Deep Conditioning hair pack with Aloe Vera gel. The process to follow: 

1.    Add 2 tsp of Gel 

2.    Add 2 tsp of Curd 

3.    Add 1 tsp Coconut Oil

Apply it to your hair and let it sit for one hour Wash it off.

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