How to use Keune skin polish method 100% parlour secrets

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By Sara Nawaz

Here are some tips to help you get started: The face polish becomes transparent and soft. If the skin is polished before facial, the result of the facial is very good. We talked to you about the method of keune skin polish.
The face polish is a kind of bleach. The base is also used to make the face brown and the face glows. It also works as a deep cleansing of the face. One thing is clear here, the girls who have in mind that the keune products are used only for hairs, do not think of anything. Keune skin polish is good for face. keune skin polish is also used in salons.

Here are the things you need to know about Skin Polish

1-keune developer (10,20)
2-keune powder
4-Double action cream
5-Vitamin e capsule
6-Rose water
7-Skin shiner
8-Creamy scrub
9-Mud mask
10-Hair band
The hair does not come on the face while  skin polish until the first band is applied on the hair.

How to Use Keune Skin Polish Method

1-    Cleanser

Apply on the face and neck, massage for 2-5 minutes in circular movements and remove with a wet sponge afterward.

2-    Double Action Cleanser

Apply on the face and neck, massage for 2-5 minutes in circular movements and remove with a wet sponge afterward.

3-    Keune Skin Polish Mixture

Now if someone uses skin polish, if someone uses skin polish, then they can use any other company
1-keune developer——–1 teaspoons
2-keune power————half teaspoons or pich
3-skin shiner————–5 drops
4- rose water————–3 drops
5-capsule of vitamin E—-one
Mix it well
Now apply this mixture on the neck first, apply it on the neck, apply it on the bad face, do not apply it on the eyes, do not apply it on the eye brows. Now apply this mixture for 15 minutes and rub it for 15 minutes.
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4-    Exfoliator

Apply of face and neck evenly and use fingertips in a circular movement. To scrub, do the scrub for only 5 minutes, do not use the scrub on the eyes because the scrub has fine grains. After 5 minutes, wipe off with a wet sponge

5-    Mask

Finally, mix the mud mask in rose water and apply it on the face or if the mask is dry then wash the face with cold water. Washing your face, apply a face toner with a cotton swab.

Keep skin care in mind for a long time. Apply keune skin polish on the face for as long as possible or clean the area where it is going.

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