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By Sara Nawaz

Using the Korean age calculator is straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Enter Birth Year:

You’ll see a form with a field to enter your birth year. Type your birth year into the input field.

Click Calculate Button:

After entering your birth year, click the “Calculate Korean Age” button.

View Result:

The result, displaying your Korean age, will appear below the button.

Repeat as Needed:

You can repeat the process by refreshing the page or entering different birth years.

Unlock the mysteries of your Korean age with our comprehensive Korean age calculator. If you’ve ever pondered, “What is my Korean age?” or struggled to navigate this unique aspect of Korean culture, our tool is your go-to solution. Say goodbye to the confusion of answering, “How old am I in Korea?” as we guide you through the intricacies of calculating your Korean age seamlessly.

What is Korean Age?

Korean age, or "man-nai," diverges from the standard age calculation used in many Western cultures. Instead of counting birthdays, Koreans factor in the time spent in the womb. Consequently, a newborn in Korea is considered one-year-old at birth, and everyone ages a year on the lunar new year.

Cultural Significance

Understanding Korean age is crucial for anyone engaging with Korean society, be it for travel, business, or social interactions. Respect and politeness, deeply ingrained in Korean culture, often hinge on acknowledging and addressing individuals by their Korean age.

Calculating one’s Korean age requires a multi-step process that takes into account both the lunar and solar calendars. To determine the Korean age, one must consider the year of birth and the current year, along with the occurrence of the Lunar New Year, which typically falls between January 21 and February 20.

The first step involves subtracting the birth year from the current year to obtain the person’s age in the Gregorian calendar. However, the process does not end here. To adjust for the cultural aspect of aging, individuals born before the Lunar New Year must add one year to their calculated age. On the other hand, those born after the Lunar New Year need not add an extra year.


Assuming a birth year of 1990 and the current lunar year as 2023:


Hence, the Korean age is 34.

However, if the Lunar New Year has not yet occurred, the individual would be considered 34 years old according to the Korean age system.

Demystifying the Korean Age Calculation

But how does it work? Delve into the simplicity of Korean age calculations, a far cry from the complexities of the birthday paradox calculator.

Basic Formula (Based on the Current Year)

i) If Calculating Based on Current “Western” Age

ii) If your birthday has passed: Korean age = your age + 1

iii) If your birthday has not passed: Korean age = your age + 2

Understanding the nuances is crucial; the Korean age system diverges from the Western system in two key ways. In Korea, you’re one year old at birth, counting the prenatal period as a year of life. Koreans age a year every New Year, irrespective of their birthday, setting it apart from the Western system.

korean age calculator = (current year – year of birth) + 1

The Korean age system calculator serves as an educational tool, allowing individuals to grasp the cultural significance of age in South Korea. Beyond the numerical adjustment, the Korean age system reflects societal norms and expectations. Age is a crucial factor in determining relationships and hierarchical structures, influencing how individuals address each other and interact within various social contexts.

Furthermore, understanding the korean age calculator is essential for expatriates and travelers, as it fosters cultural sensitivity and facilitates smoother integration into Korean society. The use of digital age calculators provides a practical solution for individuals navigating the intricacies of the korean age calculator, promoting cross-cultural understanding and communication.

Practical Implications:

Understanding Korean age is pivotal in various scenarios, such as job interviews, social gatherings, and relationships. This knowledge fosters smoother interactions and ensures adherence to cultural norms, which is highly valued in Korean society.

The korean age calculator adds a layer of complexity to the conventional method of calculating age. The Korean age calculator serves as a bridge, connecting individuals to the cultural fabric of South Korea and shedding light on the significance of age in this society. As an integral part of daily life, the korean age calculator continues to shape social interactions, emphasizing the importance of age-awareness in fostering meaningful connections within the Korean community.

Q1. How do i Calculate my Korean Age

In Korea, people use a different system to calculate age known as “Korean age” or “Man-nai” (만 나이). The Korean age is determined by adding one or two years to your international age, depending on your birthdate within the current year.
I) If you haven’t celebrated your birthday yet this year, add 1 to your international age.
II) If you have already celebrated your birthday this year, add 2 to your international age.
This means that your Korean age is generally one or two years older than your international age.

Q2. How old is 48 in Korean Age?

If someone is 48 years old internationally, you need to consider their birthdate within the current year. If they have celebrated their birthday, add 2 to their international age; if not, add 1. So, if someone who is 48 internationally has already celebrated their birthday in the current year, their Korean age would be 48 + 2 = 50.

Q3. How to Count Korean Age?

Counting Korean age involves adding 1 or 2 years to your international age based on whether you have celebrated your birthday in the current year. If your birthday has passed, add 2; if not, add 1.

Q4. How old is 18 in Korean Age?

It’s either 19 or 20, depending on whether your birthday has passed this year.

Q5. Is Korean Age Different from American Age?

Yes, Korean age is higher. In Korea, you’re 1 at birth, and you age on January 1ˢᵗ, not on your birthday.

Q6. Do Koreans Celebrate Birthdays?

Koreans celebrate birthdays with a mix of traditional customs and Western-style festivities, including seaweed soup and birthday cakes.

Q7. How to Calculate Korean Age?

I) Subtract your year of birth from the current year.
II) Add one.
III) Korean age = (current year – year of birth) + 1

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