OPI Nail Paint Winter Collection 2022

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By Sara Nawaz

OPI Nail Paint  Winter Collection 2022

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have for you the OPI Nail Paint OR  Nail Polish Winter Collection 2022  made up of 12 polishes and three glitters so like three special specialty bonus polishes so in total 15 there are six holographic polishes.

1.    Six Holographic Polishes

2.    Three Glitters  

3.    Six Solid Colors 

OPI Nail Paint Winter Collection 2022  Six Holographic Polishes

They’re linear hollows but they’re kind of delicate like if you look at the blue look at it in the bottle but   you can see more hollow but that’s normal that’s typical for holographic polishes. There are six holographic polishes they’re linear hollows but they’re kind of delicate like if you look at the blue look at it in the bottle but   you can see more hollow but that’s normal that’s typical for holographic polishes.

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If you guys are not familiar with that  they shine bright and you get this  linear line of like a rainbow when they’re hit with direct lighting if they are not in direct lighting or indoor . So anyways it’s made up of six holographic polishes three glitters and six solid colors out of which we have a little bit of combination that we have a pearl we have two that are kind of like really jelly-ish and some creams. So without further ado let’s get into the swatches because we have a lot of things to go over.

1. OPI  Nail Polish, Infinite Shine Long-Wear Lacquer, Blues

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We have led marquee this is a blue linear hollow it was opaque for me and completely wearable i won’t coat but you know you could do two if you want or your nail length just a little bit longer. One coat right here on this two fingers and you know acids  common or normal for holographic polishes you will not see the linear hollow effects unless you have direct either flashlight  or sunlight or some sort of led  hitting it right so otherwise it’s gonna look like. Where you don’t see the actual lines of the hollow but it still shows like some sort of a glittery super pretty effect but it’s not you know the strong linear hollow thing that this is going for for that you’re gonna need either flash or sunlight which is normal.

2.  OPI  Turn Bright After Sunset 

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Next we have turn bright after sunset and this one is the same exact formula as the blue but in black and  the linear whole shows a little bit more because the contrast is a little bit bigger. So  opaque in one coat as well super easy to work with very very beautiful perfect for new year’s eve all. 

3. OPI  Ready Fed Go

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hope i read that right i don’t know this one’s like a green teal-ish green same exact formula all the holes here all the formulas are the same also opaque and wearable for me are one coat very easy to work with not much more to say when it comes to quality they’re all the same or the holes in this collection are great.

4. OPI  Purple Reddish

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Next we have the three that are like in the purple reddish .  So you can get an idea and comparisonYou know they are very different all right my color wheel is spinning it’s more of a purple linear hollow like  i said same formula as the previous holes that . I showed you  also opaque had one coat and wearable for me my current nail length at one coat gorgeous polish shiny under the sun and flashlight and just beautiful overall even indoors  .

5. OPI  Mylar Dreams 

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We have Mylar dreams and this one’s more of a pink like a hot pink with like some magenta undertones maybe i don’t know again like i said opaque i won’t go beautiful linear holo these six polishes are a little bit hard to review .

6. OPI  Paint the Tinsel Town Red

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This one is paint the tinsel town red and it does have some fiery orange undertones. so again hello good formula beautiful color.

OPI Nail Paint Winter Collection 2022  Six Solid Colors 

1. OPI  Maraschino Cheer-Y

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We have maraschino cheery  everything super orange but it’s not it feels like a true red it’s beautiful and it’s not the usual creams that you guys get from OPI Nail Paint Winter Collection 2022 this one has a little bit of a jelly consistency to it . But you know it’s very easy to apply you know the OPI is really no OPI what OPI Nail Paint Winter Collection 2022 really knows how to do red so this one’s no exception but it is more of a jelly curly type of formula than a cream. So just keep that in mind if you have a strong nail line even with one to two coats of this one

2. OPI  We Seafood and Eat It    

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So you guys don’t get any surprises OPI loves to We Seafood and Eat It. They’ve been doing a lot of little hearts on their names but anyways this one’s fantastic but it also has sort of that jelly credit type of formula it’s more opaque than the red though. So but yeah it was a little bit patchy on code one not like their creams which are like super like even in the first coat these colors are usually like  but it did go opaque and even on the second code .

But  i don’t know i found the consistency of this one a little bit unlike OPI Nail Paint Winter Collection 2022 to be completely honest i don’t know if this is my bottle or if you  experience the same. But good news is that it does get even and opaque in two coats but i don’t know when i first applied it i was like.

3. OPI  Don’t Provoke the Plum

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Next we have all is berry and bright and this one is a typical OPI Nail Paint  cream very opaque and almost near perfect in the first coat it did end up doing two i think but  this one’s not like the previous one this one is the regular creams . I think but  beautiful color  i don’t know i feel familiar like OPI Nail Paint Winter Collection 2022 has done similar things recently. 

4. OPI  Closer Than You Might Belém

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Next we have ring in the blue year but you are  wearing it on one coat now i don’t know if it’s gonna be wearable one coat for everybody at all nail lengths i don’t even know if this is perfect at one coat but it’s definitely wearable i won’t coat. So there you guys have it i love it it’s so so good i don’t really know if it screams holidays you know feels more like a summer type of polish but it’s gorgeous . We’ll do bottle shots here at the end for sure because i know OPI Nail Paint has done some similar blue.

5. OPI  Strawberry Margarita

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You know they’re teaching you what pink looks like this is what pink looks looks like and there’s nothing else here .Next we have big bow energy and this is one gorgeous pink i don’t even see undertones i think this is the pink from kindergarten. Just straight up pink gorgeous formula gorgeous polish but that’s not you know i don’t have anything else to say about it’s just a good cream pink .

6. OPI  Snow Day in L.A

ir?t=beautysecre06 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B002D4DQ1Q

Next we have snow day in l.a this one’s a pearl  but hopefully  it is a pearly type of finish now it’s not the super streaky pearl like kyoto pearl did i say that kyoto kayode i don’t know I’ll show you guys bottle shots here at the end of this one. Next to the other white pearl for moby that’s popular this is a different formulation than kyoto kayode i don’t know pearl where that other one’s more liquidy and more streaky this one’s a little bit thicker creamier and easier to apply. So just keep that in mind between the two i would definitely recommend .

OPI Nail Paint  Winter Collection 2022  Three Glitters  

1. OPI  Cheers too Many Years

The first glitter is cheers too many years. some little hexa holographic hexa what is it hexagon details or whatever and a bunch of just like regular glitters it’s a topper not much to say I’m gonna show it to you guys on top of white on top of black and by itself add one coat . So you can kind of get an idea of how it looks like and yeah that’s about it. how to sponge glitter so that your nail looks exactly like the bottle because as you know toppers . When you put them on they’re scattered all over the nail you don’t get this punch on your nail in order for you to do that you need to sponge it. So you can get an idea of what the details look like a lot of glittery goodness in here as well and last but not least .

2. OPI  Confetti Ready 

Next up we have confetti ready and this one’s like a more pinkish version of the other one it also has some black details in there and also hexagon little details with just regular glitters . like i said you guys are going to see it on top of black and on top of white so you can get an idea of what the details look like a lot of glittery goodness.

3. OPI You Had Me at Confetti

We have you had me at confetti again same exact kind of glitter than the other two just different colors and a different base as you will put them .  Next to each other here so you guys can compare but yeah this one has more blue details and there’s some gold in there and pink and just different colors . But yeah good topper for the holidays that’s it all right so let’s put them together just.

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