Best Face Pack For Glowing & Shining Skin at Home

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By Sara Nawaz

Best Face Pack For Glowing  & Shining Skin at Home

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This is the only Face Pack that is useful for all skin types. It
closes the open pores of the 
face and instant glowing , whitening , fairness skin of the face. 
This Best Face Pack can be used for Glowing  & Shining Skin at Home.

Best Face Pack For Glowing  & Shining Skin at Home


Multani Clay Face Pack Making Recipe: 

Make a paste of raw Multani mud by mixing one egg white and
one teaspoon of honey and 
apply it on the face. Apply from forehead to neck.
No piece of the face and neck ought to be left unfilled. Eyes ought to be shut and the face ought to be totally smooth. At the point when you feel that the glue has dried and you feel strain, clean up with cold water.
Best Face Pack For Glowing  & Shining Skin at Home

Face Pack for Dry Skin:

For dry skin, grind Multani mud and add a little crushed
turmeric mixture and a few drops 
of almond oil to make a paste. 
The paste must
be soft. Apply it on the face and leave it for fifteen minutes. Then wash 
Use this paste. Will make your face brighter day by day.


Face Pack for Oily Skin:

Break the egg in a cup and take out the whites. Separate the
yolks. Mix a few drops of 
lemon juice in the whites. Then spread it with the
help of tea spoon till it foams in the cup. Now apply it on the face. 

When it
is dry, wash your face with cold water ۔

Face Pack for Normal Skin

Take one part dry powdered milk and one part raw multani mud
and mix olive oil in it. This 
will make a soft paste. Now apply it on the face
and wait for fifteen minutes then take it off and wash your face. It will be
the best mask for normal skin.
 It makes the face look radiant and radiant.
Best Face Pack For Glowing  & Shining Skin at Home

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