How to Use Color Correcting Concealers! For under Eyes

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By Sara Nawaz

How to Use - Color-Correcting-Concealers !For under Eyes

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How to Use – Color Correcting Concealers !for under eyes   

The purpose of “concealer” is usually to hide the circles around the eyes and spots on the skin. Especially in summer, try to use concealer only on the parts of the face where it is needed. If you get eight hours of sleep, not only will you be protected from dark circles, pimples, and blemishes, but your face will be refreshed.

The color correcting concealers way to use concealer is to first apply foundation to the face and then blend the “concealer” with the fingertips on the affected areas.  Some girls apply concealer before applying foundation, which is not the right way.

Orange or Patch Color Correcting  Concealer

Because it goes down when you apply foundation. Use an orange or patch color concealer to hide dark circles around the eyes.  First apply orange or patch color concealer on these circles and lightly blend the third finger of your hand which is also called (Ring Finger).

Yellow Color Correcting Concealer

Then apply concealer similar to the natural color of the skin. Similarly, Yellow. The use of concealer can make the impression of double tone skin uniform.

Green Color Correcting Concealer

Green concealer is mostly used to hide pimples. It’s just (Green) Apply on top of the pimples. When the redness of the pimples is reduced, apply a concealer similar to your skin with cotton. 

So that the whole face gets the same impression. Then you must use setting powder on the face. However, apply the setting powder in such a way that the pimples are not visible. Then complete the make-up. How to Use – Color Correcting Concealers !for under eyes 

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