How to Professional Best Beans Wax Heater without Heater for Face! Upper lips! Eyebrows! Forehead! Chin Hair

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By Sara Nawaz

Hot wax is very easy and painless method to make eyebrows and upper lips or full face Mostly clients prefer hot wax because it is a quick method, it doesn’t take much time.

How to Professional Best Beans Wax Heater without Heater for Face! Upper lips! Eyebrows! Forehead! Chin Hair

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Whenever you want to do hot wax to your client, do it on your eyebrows, upper lips, the Side of the lower eye brow, the mid area of eye brows, face, forehead, chin hair, you have to see your client’s skin first or not sensitive If you have, then you have to do hot wax to such clients very carefully. Have to keep your skin tight so that there is no damage to the skin and it is necessary to apply Talcum Powder to your hair and your skin will remain tight as well Now let’s see which wax we are using today.

Professional Best Beans Wax Heater without Heater

There are many hot wax available in the market but we will use bean wax today Bean wax is available in many Flavors , you can take any flavor and they have small and big packs too And we will also need ice cream sticks . Heater wax machine is available in the market to heat hot wax and we also have this wax machine. We have seen what is our topic today and what things we need for that if you don’t have a hot wax machine and you can’t afford it, you don’t worry about what should we do now.

Waxing without Wax Heater

What you have to do is take 1 steel bowl and add water to it so that your second steel bowl gets half dip and turn on the stove flame. Now you have to take the second bowl and bean wax in it, you have to take out a little in the start to check whether bean wax is good or not, and if it doesn’t, it will be waste. Now you have to keep the bean wax in the stealing water bowl and let it get warm so that it starts to melt, you have to shake the ice cream sticks so that all the beans wax melt. Next you have to take some bean wax in an ice cream stick and leg or with the help of stick on your arms and remember where you have to apply wax, the layer of the wax should not be thin . Now you have to see that the wax is dry, it dries very quickly Then you have to pull from the opposite side of the hair And you are disappointed removed Till here you understood .

Wax Beans with Heater

Now we will see how hot wax machine is used. First of all, you have to fix the heater machine, means there is 1 silver bowl in it, you have to keep it in the machine and switch it on, red light will be on means our machine is on .
Wax Beans with Heater
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Now you have to let the machine warm for 1 to 2 minutes And then we have to add bean wax in a small quantity, don’t put 1 pack, we have to add a little and mix ice cream sticks. There will be 1 round button in the machine and it will be written around it on off normal and high. First you have to keep it high, then if it starts to meet, then normalize it and when it is too hot, you have to fill the container. First of all we will do eyebrows waxing.

Wax Beans for Eyebrows

Now you have to prepare client’s eye brow for wax First of all, you have to shape your eye brows with pencil so that extra hair is not removed. This will make you guess which hairs are to be removed from eye brows and which one is not Now you have to comb the hair so that you can make the hair 1 length.
Wax Beans for Eyebrows

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And we have to cut extra hair Then you have to use Talcum Powder and apply it on unwanted hair After that you have to start hot waxing from upper side. You have to do this method very carefully. First you have to practice on a good model and then work on client. Now you have to take wax on ice cream stick and check it with your finger so that the wax is too hot Then you have to start from the upper side, you have to take Wax on the sides, you don’t have to take it a little bit.
Wax should be applied on some parts and remember where you have to finish the wax, you have to leave the pearl layer of the wax so that it is easy to pull . Then you have to check that the wax has become cold And I have to tighten the skin with one hand and pull the wax with one hand Now you have to complete this method on your eye brow.

Wax beans the Side of the Lower Eye Brow

This action will be very careful because under eye brows area is very sensitive You have to apply Talcum Powder first so that there is no sweat and your hair becomes moist . Then you have to apply the hot wax on the lower side of the eyebrow, a little bit of space, first on the 1st area and after tightening the skin properly, you have to remove the wax This method has to be completed under eyebrow area .

Wax beans the mid area of Eye Brows with Hot Wax

Then you have to check if any hair is left and if there is any hair somewhere you have to take a tweezer and with the help of that you have to remove the hair and keep the skin tight while the tweezer is running. Mostly the skin is cut. You don’t take any risk because of this. At last you have to apply any moisturizer . So that there is no rush take this donation, here our eye brows work is being completed Now we have to do hot wax on full face and we will learn how to do that. First of all you have to make sure that your skin is clean and not sweaty then you have to apply talcum powder so that your hair can be folded. Hot wax butt is a painless method for girls, it does not hurt and hair removal is easy.

Bean Wax for Upper Lips

Now you have to put hot wax on upper lips area, don’t apply 1st in all areas .Then you have to keep your skin tight and scratch it with wax and hands. You have to press the waxed place so that the weather is open doesn’t get too promoted.
Bean Wax for Upper Lips

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Now you have to do the same method on all the upper lips and remember that you have to pull the wax from the opposite direction of the hair. In these brows you have to pull wax from opposite side of hair. After upper lip waxing, you have to check that if any hair is left, you can wax again and remove hair from tweezer . Take this here our upper lips method is also completed.

Bean Wax for Forehead Wax

Now you have to do forehead waxing and do this with great care. One loss of hard wax is that where wax is applied, you can’t remove hair without removing it. This wax has to be applied where you need to sell eyebrows and head hair. It is better to wear hair band. Waxing client’s hands on their eye brows and cover their eyebrows so that someone Don’t be afraid of putting on eyebrows.
Then you have to apply wax whenever you get wax, check your finger if it is not too hot, then you have to put wax in the direction of hairs. You have to take the opposite direction. When you have to apply wax, you have to give 5 to 7 seconds stay so that the wax is set This is how you have to intent a complete forehead Dear, now we will do waxing for the next part of face.

Best Bean Wax for Chin Hair

You have to apply Talcum Powder before waxing. And you have to do waxing on China . So that you were told earlier that wax will be applied in the direct direction of hair and if you go in opposite direction then you have to follow this only. Complete hairs will be removed from China and chicks. If you want to recheck, you have to tighten your skin with one hand .
When you have to pull the wax. Lighting should be good where you are waxing so that your hair is visible nicely and you have less intention. If the complete face wax is complicated, then you have to apply the soothing lotion or after wax lotion. There will be no icing on this face . If any client has redness on their face, then message ice cube, it will be alright. Redness is normal. Don’t worry about it. If you have a face with acne or pimple, don’t wax it. Face damage is reduced and there will be fear of getting damaged. You should not take this risk.

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