How to Cut Side Swept Bangs

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By Sara Nawaz

How to Cut Side Swept Bangs
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Today our Blog is hair cutting. It is a very interesting topic. Today how to Cut Side Swept Bangs and which cutting will be taught. I can make more and all the different types of bangs and all of that but this one’s just going over a side-swept bang and it’s probably one of the more difficult ones to cut and the reason for that is a lot of people do either slide cutting and they do things that create weight within that fringe.

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So today I want to share with you how to do it without creating weight. this is pretty much the perfect side bang the cool thing about this fringe. You have seen which haircut we are learning about today. Now the pain is how many tools will be needed for a haircut. Remember whenever you cut your client’s hair.

How to Cut Side Swept Bangs at home

Before starting the cutting, wash the hairs off the cleanest after getting a makeover  You have to use shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair.  You have to cut Clint’s hair properly first. Then apply shampoo and message.
How to Cut Side Swept Bangs  
Image Source: Freepik 
So that all hairs get cleaned and all the dirt will be removed. Now you have to apply for a conditioner, remember One should not apply on condition roots, there can be a problem with the hair brain. After applying conditioner you have to wait for 2 to 3 faces and then wash it
It has been clear till here, now let’s see which tools will be used.

Hair Cutting Tool

👉 Hair-cutting pins
👉Tail comb

Hair Cutting Step by Step

Now we have to start cutting girls. Now you have to see if the client’s hair is washed and dry, then you have to wet the hair by 60%. Now you have to ask for a side of hair and a diagonal section. Hairs mean there should be a small section. And the rest of the hairs have to be caught with the clip so there is no difficulty cutting.
Now you have to combine the diagonal section properly.  And you have to take one small section out of the hairs you have removed, take it to the opposite side, and cut it straight. You have to leave this section and next, you have to remove one and a smaller section from the section which was released and cut your hair on the opposite side.
Hair Cutting Step by Step
Now you have to combine your hair again and make your cutting red. If you find that hair cutting is not intact, you have to neat the cutting. 
Don’t cut your hair too much first, you have to check how long the bangs should be. Have to start cutting again. Do you understand cutting very well? Now you must blow dry your hair, so your cutting will be beautiful and prominent.
Hair Cutting Step by Step

How to Cut Side Swept Bangs with Layers

Now you have to take out the demands of Damian, you have to do mid-partition from front to end. We have to separate hairs from the last hairs, a small section is to be released from both sides, and catch the rest of the hairs are with clips.  Combine well. Now you have to make three parts of the same section of the sides and mid.  Mean three parts will be made and you have to cut the mid part straight while combining it.  Now you have to take 1 part of your side and cut the guidelines that you get from the middle part and then cut it while following the cutting guidelines.
Then you have to cut the parts of both sides in the same way. Now next you have to come out a small section again and make three steps in the same way and cut the hair off the bottom while combing the same hair. Then you have to cut the parts of the sides that you had stolen in the same way. You have to go with some hair and cut the hair straightYou have to cut the front hair on the front side.

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