How To Hair Cutting Front Bangs At Home

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By Sara Nawaz

Front Hair Cutting Front Bangs Simple And Easy

We will learn Hair Cutting Front Bangs front hair cut Hairs trimming from back side. you have seen which haircut we are learning today Now let’s see how many tools will be needed to get a haircut Remember whenever you cut your Client’s hair Before starting cutting, wash the hair of the client.

How To Hair Cutting Front Bangs At Home

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To wash hair you have to use shampoo and conditioner. You have to wet Client’s hair properly. first Then apply shampoo and message to all Hair should be cleaned and all the dirt should be removed. Now after shampooing you have done a good hair Have to wash and remove shampoo.

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Now you have to apply for conditioner, remember. conditioner should not be applied on roots, there can be a problem of hair damages. After applying conditioner you have to wait 2 to 3 and then wash it. It has been cleared till here, now let’s see which tools will be used:

1.  Scissor
2.  Shower
3.  Comb
4.   Hair Cutting Pins
5.  Arpan
6.  Tail Comb
Now we will start our work we are going to do bang cutting. First of all, you sprayed water to the hair of the client.

Do You Cut Bangs Wet or Dry?


If you want to get wet then you have to get your hair 50 % wet. Now you have to comb the hair. This will make you easy to do cutting and you will get neat cutting. Now you have to separate the front side hair for cutting. You have to buy hairs from the box area. The pictures below will also show you
You want to comb hairs well, comb the section you have separated for cutting well. Now you have to set your hair a little above the corner of your nose, keep it in your finger so that your hair stays in hold.

Now you have to do straight cutting at 0 degree. And while cutting, you have to take care that you should be in hold of your hair. Now you have to comb in hair again. And we have to see that the cutting is completely correct. If the cutting is not perfect then do it again. Now you have to end the sharpness of cutting For that, you have to run the Scissor on the opposite direction of the hairs.

you have to run the Scissor lightly, don’t close the Scissor completely And the cutting has to be rough After that, the haircut you have done, you have to do it in half. And we have to comb hair on the upper side and equal the hair with Scissor , we have to bring some hairs and keep it equal. Have to equal the hair of 2 no side by combing on the top side and cut the extra hair.

Now you have to comb one times again the hair that you have cut. And you have to cut your hair according to your client’s wish as far as she wants By the way, bang cutting can be done even to eyebrows You have to cut your hair at 0 degrees, completely straight. And you have to check again if the cutting has become straight or not by combining
If you don’t think the shape of cutting is straight, then you have to again neat the cutting with Scissor .
Now you have to run the opposite Scissor of hair and end the sharpness of cutting. This cutting is called bang front cutting. And this cutting is very famous nowadays.

We can set this cutting in 3 ways:

1. you can keep all the hairs on the front side like baby cuts
2. you can set this cutting with side demand
3. you take out the demand of mid and set the cutting

Now you will be taught straight cutting. This is also called one length cutting First of all, you have to get your client’s hair washed well and dry it. Keep the hair 50 % wet. After that you have to comb hairs nicely . You have to make more sections, you have to make 6 sections, 2 of the front side, 2 of the mid area and 2 of the back side.

Now you have to make a guide line Guideline means that we will cut 1 sections and the rest of the hairs of the head will be cut according to this cutting You have to open the last section of the back side first Have to comb more nicely. Comb has to be kept e set in hair and with the help of comb you will be easy in straight cutting. Now you have to cut the last section. According to client will All the hairs that the clients want to cut, they have to cut it by leaving 1 inches so that the length of the setting doesn’t shorten.

Now you have to check after cutting and combing and if you find any side big or small then set it again Scissor. Now you have to open the above section And you have to comb it too. You can see your guide line clearly which was cut before the section. You have to stop the comb by bringing it to the guide line from the top you have to keep the comb fixed in your hair, don’t get out of it.

Have to cut more again have to use comb in hair and if you see any difference in cutting then set it with Scissor . Now you have to open the front section and take it to the back side while combing and search for the guide line. Here you don’t have to hold the hair complete, but you have to do half in your hand. With this, your cutting will be neat and it will be easy too.

You have to cut your hair following the guide line . Now you have to comb hair again. This will make you know the neatness of your cutting, now you won’t have to run any Scissor . Because we have cut every step with great care.

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