Naturals Skin Lightening Facial at Home

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By Sara Nawaz

Skin Lightening Facial Benefits

Please do not use formula creams Formula creams damage the skin. If you want to use, you can use our cream with out any side effects. The loss Skin becomes thin. Veins are visible. Hair comes on the face. Acne problem happens. Fair color is nothing, please understand this.

Naturals Skin Lightening Facial at Home

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Use herbal beauty tips. There is no loss even if there is no benefit to them. Let me tell you some effective herbal beauty tips. There is benefit from their doing and there is no harm in not doing it. How to Naturals Skin Lightening Facial and permanently. 

Naturals Skin Lightening Facial

Skin Lightening Cleansing

1.   One Spoons of Curd
2.   One Spoons of  Sugar
Max it well . Now apply this mixture on the face.

Skin Lightening Scrubbing

Make Rice Flour and Gram Flour (besan)
1.    One Spoons of Rice Flour
2.    One Spoon Gram Flour (besan)
If you have oily skin, make a paste with rose water. If your skin is very dry, make paste with milk. If skin is normal or combination then make paste with water.


Rose water Spray it on face or apply it on hand and let the skin have absorb.

Skin Lightening Face Pack

1.    Multani clay two spoon
2.    Rose water two teaspoon
if it is oily skin and make thick paste. Wash it with simple water when you are dry.
If your skin is very dry then make milk and Multani Clay mask. If skin is normal or combination, make paste with water.

How to Lighten Skin in a Week

Tip One

What to rub by applying sugar to Tomato slices 3 times a week. 5 to 7 minutes then let it take 15 to 20 minutes then message for 2 & 3 minutes and wash it with plain water. If you want to go to a function somewhere, please do this tip before getting ready.

Tip Two

If you don’t want to bleach then first cleansing then scrubbing and then mask. Do it every week or work today at least 2 to 3 times a month. But use bleach once in a month or a big limit 2 times. Don’t use more than this.

Tip Three

Except this, to clean the skin neat, on the apply of Lotion or Serum.
1.    Glycerin
2.    Lemon Juice
3.    Rose Water
Mix everything in equal quantity and save in a clean and dry bottle. Apply like lotion after washing hands and feet every time. If your skin is sensitive, reduce the lemon juice a little. (You can apply it on face too but keep less lemon in it)

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