Glowy Dewy Makeup Look

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By Sara Nawaz

Natural Glowy Dewy Makeup Look

Apply a balm base under the nose of the eyes and around the lip where we will wear the concealer. To cover your dark circle you pick up this product cos the shade perfectly it matches to my skin tone, and it is very moist Natural dewy makeup look.

Natural Glowy Dewy Makeup Look drugstore products indian glowing  skin& for brown skin& black girl & natural glow makeup
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Natural Glow Makeup

We always wanted to try this Dewy makeup look products  and finally you cut it so the shade is new and slightly lighter than your brown skin tone natural glow makeup. So we use this to highlight the center on my face It is a shade with a bit of Contour and pitched journey, you apply to my lids and lower lash lines .

As you can see if you apply more you can move low so you keep doing it until you get that low look you want To get deeper eyes you will add some brown shade to inner lids  and outer lids and connect it a little bit. You did the same o the end of your lower lash lines To highlight the inner corner and keep it well, you use this eyeshadow stick from NYX in yogurt I love this product cause it gives natural volume to the leaves if you apply to the cupid bow Because the shade matches naturally with the natural lip color. We use any eyeliner to get a natural
glow makeup
 so you will move on to the eyelashes straight away your curl your lashes.

We apply this basic mascara to my lashes. We have been asked many times why you powder my eyebrows if you put some base makeup products And you even put some oil on your face. So your eyebrows is quite oily now So you need a matte finish for the eyebrow product to apply Properly to appear visible and get that required definition.

After brushing your brows are used to say to fill in you brows With a ash brown shade you contour your nose and underneath your lips . We have  fix your brows up if you have any hairspray you could use it as an eyebrow fixer It doesn’t fix as strong as a eyebrow fixer But it gives natural look so you could try it .

Next we to use this liquid illuminator in peach and gold shade this is multifunctional. So you use it on my cheekbones nose, and chin as a highlighter and Just cheeks as a blush to add natural peachy glowing skin  on you face. This is another version of this with pinkish color and SPF 30. It gives a natural pink shade and long-lasting hydration on your lips. you even apply this over you cupid bows and gives more volume on your lips as well. 

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