Simple/Natural Everyday Easy Eye Makeup Looks Products for School/Office

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By Sara Nawaz

Everyday Eye Makeup Looks for Natural/ easy for this simple Products It’s perfect for everyday  School /Office girls. Plus, it takes less than 10 minutes to perfect.  All you need is a few essential makeup  Products, and you’ll be looking fresh-faced and pretty, with minimal effort.

Simple/Natural Everyday Easy Eye Makeup Looks

When you’re in a rush in the morning, the last thing you want to think about is doing your hair and makeupThankfully, daytime hair and makeup skews much more casual than night time hair and makeup Looks, so you’ll be able to get your face and hair ready and be out the door in no time. 
All you need is some time, a light touch and hair and makeup products – all of which can be found in your own home or purchased at a specialty makeup store or drug store. Today we will discuss:

Simple/Natural Everyday Easy Eye Makeup Looks

1-   School girls

2-   Office Girls

School girls can’t do so much makeup Looks, today we will tell you  Simple/Natural makeup looks that can make your daily work. Office girls can’t make up so much, they have to look at the fresh all the time, we will do the same for them today.

(New Married girls also have to look active and beautiful, because someone comes and goes in the house and it is also necessary to ready oneself for Husband). That’s why we will start our Eye Makeup by telling you Everyday Eye Makeup  for Beginners.

SimpleNatural Everyday Easy Eye Makeup Looks Products for School/Office

Makeup Looks Product

1  Comb

2  Mirror

3 Should be light pink and peach color gloss
or lipstick

4 Any face wash

5 Tissue paper

6  Kajal

7  Fire & Lovely or BB Cream

8  Compact powder

9  Mascara

10 Body spray or perfume should be all this.

So now I’m going to tell you the method of how to do

Everyday Easy Makeup Step by Step:

1-    Take a shower first thing in the morning and you will spend the whole day.

2-    Make sure to do it 2 times in Shampoo Week.

3-    Now do a high ponytail or a 3 step braid or as if you have a passion.

4-    Now let’s move on to makeup, wash your face with any face wash that  sets you up.

5-    It is much better to use cold water if it is hot.

6-    Dry with a tissue after a light wash. Then the girls will get  BB Cream  or Fire & Lovely.

7-    If the skin is dry, do it in the winter, and if it is oily, do it in the  summer. Use it.

8-    Yes, here is the option. You can also do it with BB cream. It is up to  you.

9-    Then you have to apply compact powder. It is like Loose powder.

10-    It is fixed and does not fall off. It Best for them .. It looks exactly like  a dry sponge and is also applied with a brush.

11-    Now you have to apply Kajal in the eyes.

12-    You can use the liner that was applied in the Kajal and even if you don’t have Kajal liner, you still look cute.

13-    Now you have to apply light blush on matte or shine then you have to  apply lip gloss or lipstick.

14-    Now apply body spray or perfume and smell like flowers.

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