How to Get a Natural Blush on Your Cheeks

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By Sara Nawaz

How to Get Natural Blush On Face

Blush on is the most important part of makeup. What is done after blush on contouring Highlighter is applied only after blush on. Blush means to be shy The way our cheeks turn red with shame Blush on also makes the face like shame red pink pink and back. In the past, Blush on was used only in pink and red shade, but now blush on is available in different textures along with different colors. First of all, we will get married with blush on.
How to Get a Natural Blush on Your Cheeks

How to Choose Natural Blush on Your Cheeks Shades

First of all, we know about different shades of blush. Now blush on has introduced many colors and different shades of them which are also trending.

1.    Pink Shades
2.    Peach Shades
3.   Orange Shades
4.    Brown Shades

Apart from this, there are also types of Nude and Dramatic in blush on.

Nude Shades

There is No makeup look . These shades are used that are perfectly Natural Warm, such as Soft Pink, Soft Peach, Gray Skin Color.

Dramatic Shades

Dramatic shades are used in Heavy makeup look when make up is very heavy like brides are removed and other makeup artist who creates Dramatic makeup look removes it like dark red, shocking pink, Orange etc

Best Type of Blush

Different types of blush on are available.

Matt Blush

This type of blush on is not shine look and it gives a matte look.

Shimmery or Terracotta Blush

This blush on is glossy and shinny. The blush on is use for shinny and glowy look .

Hard Pigmented Blush

This is a very pigmented blush on. It is done in heavy makeup, dramatic look and bridal makeup.

Nude Blush

The Nude blush Shades that are natural and soft give us no make up and natural look. Also available in a variety of textures such as Same on Highlighter.

Pearl Blush

This blush is in such a ball. Matte and shimmer two shades are also available. It is also perfect for all skin types.

Tint Blush

It is in liquid water or jelly type. It is used for both cheeks and lips for natural look.

What Type of Blush is Suitable for all Skin Types

1.    All Types Skin


2.    Dry and Normal Best for Winters


3.    Dry and Normal Best for Winters


4.   Oily and Normal


How to Apply Blush On Chubby Cheeks

Applying blush on the face is applied to different parts like. ..


Blush on is also applied according to face shape like contour But first let’s know how to apply it.

Blush On Application

Blush on is applied with the help of brush. Blush on is always applied according to face shape.

How to Put Blush On Cheeks

Take the blush lightly on the brush and first of all make a face pout as it is made while taking a selfie Do not apply direct blush on because it has to apply specific point on face .

Blush On According to Face

Where to Apply Blush On Long Face

If your face is long then start applying it from the middle of the checks and take it up to the ear. Put your face from there as contour is done.

Where to Apply Blush On Heart Round Face

If your face is in round shape then you will start from the top of the cheeks and under the eyes. Take blush _ on to your ear husband but don’t pull it till the end of the eye. Your face will look beautiful and fat. The face will look pressed.

Where to Apply Blush On Heart Shape Face

The face of your heart on your face, from under your eyes to the trembling of your ears, apply blush on

Where to Apply Blush On Square Face

If your face is in square shape, then smile and put blush on from the bottom of the cheeks and above your ear to the ear of your husband. On such a face you have to apply blush on above cheek bone.Blush on according to skin tone choosing. If the skin color is light to light color will be used and if the skin color is dark to dark color will be used.

Brand Name

A part from this, we also have a very good range of blush on available.


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