Professional Hair Cutting Techniques

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By Sara Nawaz

Professional Hair Cutting Techniques

We will learn basic hair cutting theory for beginners. The name of the cutting we will learn.

Advance Hair Cutting

Now let’s see how many tools will be needed to get a haircut & different hair cutting techniques .

Professional Hair Cutting Techniques

Remember whenever you cut your Clint’s hair Before starting cutting, wash the hair of the clinic before getting advise them that when they come for cutting, wash their hair .

1.  Scissor
2. Comb
3. Hair cutting pins
4. Arpan
5. Tail comb
6. Shower

Have you seen the tools :

Step 1

Make the client wear Arpan and sit on the chair. Comb your hair well so that your hair tangle will be free.

Step 2

Now you have to make hair parts, you have to remove the ear to ear front part and bring it to the front. After that, I have to make 2 partitions of the back hair. If you want, you can put holding pins too so that it is easy to work. The section which you are cutting, keep it open. The rest of the pins are applied. Why hold the hairs clear?

Step 3

Now you have to hold the comb in your hand and also the scissor is a professional way to cut it. When you have to comb and hold the section, the scissor should be in your hand or not if the scissor is raised. Keep the comb and if the comb is lifted, keep the scissor. We have to take special care of this thing, we will have to catch it with practice.

Step 4

Now you have to come to the front side and ask the client if you have taken out the sections in front of them, you have to remove the hair from the mid and make a guidelines whose according’s are going to be cut by you. You have to ask the client that they have to do. Do you want to reduce the length or this much loss? If she wants to reduce the length, then you have to reduce the length of her hair before making sections and then make sections so that our length will not live in cutting.  Layers will come in hair and length will remain maintained. You have to bring the hair of the mid to the nose and take it down from the chin and cut it straight.

Step 5

Now you have come out of mid mang which has to be lifted from One sides complaint section and cut according to the guidelines you created is also straight.

Step 6

Now you have to bring the hair on the other side like this and cut it on the front side at 45 angle. According to guide line 45 angle is removed mid, neither too much upside down nor too much down.

Step 7

When you have to cut the hair of ear to ear, you have to bring some hair from the back hair and comb the front and cut it. Same on 45 angles as if you cut the hair of the front. Try straight forward guidelines you have to keep in your hand so that you can know how far it will be cut.

Step 8

Now you have to take few sections and comb on the front side and cut the hairs together with front cuttings . When you leave your sections to the bottom, layers will be made that look so cute.

Step 9

Now you have found some hairs in front hairs in mid area and shapes. All the flicks you want, you have to comb it straight towards the bottom and cut the flick as much as your client wishes. While combing, I have to take 180° toes. I have to trim straight and rough hair on the head and leave the hair. This will also be a good bounce on the hair flick.

Step 10

Now you have to come to the back side and separate the hair of the crown area means you will do 2 parts of the hair, now you will come to the back side. The hair of the crown area has to be taken to 180° p while combing and cut with a difference of 1 inches from the straight up side. When you leave this hair below, steps will be created. Next you have to comb all the hairs on the top and cut it again by keeping it straight.

Step 11

Now you have to come to the front side again and check the hair with mid partition. If there is no hair on the top and down, then trim it along with it. More neatness will come in cutting.

Step 12

Now you blow dry the hair and set the hair.

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