How to Create Eye Makeup looks Step by Step

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By Sara Nawaz

Eye Makeup looks  Step by Step  today’s Blog  how to create this super simple & easy smokey eye makeup looks step by step name  it only takes a  to complete this look natural /eyeshadow makeup  so it’s perfect for beginners so let’s get started let’s go through the products with picture are:-.

How to Create  Eye Makeup looks  Step by Step


Simple Eye Makeup Looks Step by Step

1.    MAC Painterly Paint  Pop

2.    e.l.f. Contour

3.    Revlon Colorstay Creme Eye Shadow

4.    Julep Eyeshadow 101 Crème

5.    Matte Eyeshadow Palette Pro

6.    NARS 

7.    BS-MALL Makeup Brushes

You’ll need to recreate this look for a base. You are  using painterly paint  pop by mac this is a great base for creating a BS-Mall brush and giving your  eyeshadow something to hold on to we’re going to be applying three different shades a light medium and dark our lightest shade is this one . Next you  have the  in the shade Julep Eyeshadow 101 Crème this will be our medium shade and the shade brownie as our darkest  shade and these are perfect for creating a super easy & simply eye makeup  looks & eyeshadow makeup  looks for your  matte mid tone .

You are  using an e.l.f. Contour  this is perfect for creating some depth in the crease your mid tone should be at least one shade darker than your skin tone and at least one shade lighter than your contour shade & super easy and simple eye makeup looksYou  also wanted to add a touch of sparkle at the end so you are  using the power chrome loose eyeshadow pigment by NARS in shotgun and for brushes. You are using BS-MALL Makeup Brushes set .

Step 1 MAC Painterly Paint  Pop

This has everything that you need so starting off with our base we’re going to apply this all over the lid. this is going to give our eyeshadow something to hold on to as well as creating a blank canvas for us to work on that’s going to help the eyeshadows pop a little bit more once you have your base on your lid we can then move on to your shadows.

Step 2 e.l.f. Contour 

The first shadow that you are going to take is that mid tone and you are  going to be applying this with a fluffy brush so grab your favorite blending brush. This is going to be applied into the crease of the eye and then slowly blended upwards this adds some framing to the eye shape a nice little trick is to keep your eyes open when you’re applying this this will just make sure that you’re blending above the lid and creating the right shape for your eye space & Eye makeup looks The depth of the color should be right at that crease and then very softly blended upwards towards the brows we’re going to start off with .

Step 3 Revlon Colorstay Creme Eye Shadow

Our lightest shade and we’re going to be applying this with a small brush . Your are using a pencil brush you like to start by applying just a small amount underneath the brows make sure you don’t bring this  down too far you’re keeping it quite tight underneath the brows and then we’re going to focus this on the inner third of the lid. Super easy and simple eye makeup looksSo starting in that inner corner bringing it to about the halfway point and stopping just there the majority of the pigment should be on the inner third and then make sure you repeat this on the other side before you move on. Super easy and simple eye makeup looks .

Step 4 Julep Eyeshadow 101 Crème 

Next we’re sticking to that same brush and we’re going to take our next eyeshadow this is going to be applied beside that one right in the center and blending outwards so covering the middle third of the lid so start in the middle and blend inwards and outwards . You want to make sure you don’t bring this up past the lid point keep this to just the lid not into the crease make sure you repeat this on the other side before you move on .

Step 5 Matte Eyeshadow Palette Pro

Then we’re going to take your final eye eyeshadow this is our darkest shade we’re going to stick to that same brush again you’re going to cover the outer third so the final third of the lid again try not to bring this up too high now. If you want to add some more structure to the eye you can bring this brush down underneath and then sweep it upwards this will create kind of a soft winged effect and then kind of buff and blend it into the eye shape it adds more of a lifted look. Super easy and simple eye makeupYou always like to go over with your  blending brush just on that outer edge so we don’t have any harsh lines.

Step 6 NARS 

You then finished off with just a little bit of that loose pigment on that inner corner this is totally optional you absolutely love this shade so any chance you  get to use it  you will and that is the finished look you  added some Mascara and lashes and there you go a super easy and simple eye makeup.

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