Soft Smokey Eye Look | Maybelline NY

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By Sara Nawaz

Soft Smokey Eye Look | Maybelline NY
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Today creating a Soft Smokey Eye Look using the fact that this mascara is both smudge-proof  and waterproof is definitely  one of my favorite things. The Tattoo Studio Smokey Gel  Liner. 

Soft Smokey Eye Look | Maybelline NY

Let’s get straight into this Blog,  I’m going to talk you through Soft Smokey Eye Look step by step. 

Step 1

Before we get into my eyes it’s super important  to create a beautiful and flawless base and  We are doing that using the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation Makeup, Nude Beige, 1 fl; oz; Oil-Free Foundation. So it’s going on really nice and  flawlessly because we are just stippling it into  the skin.

Step 2

Now you want to prep your eyes ready for your shadow so  I’m taking my Fit Me concealer from Maybelline in  the shade 15 and you are  running it over the eyes  to create a beautiful sticky surface.  This is  going to help your eyeshadow and your liner last so  much longer. To get started on your Soft Smokey Eye Look .

Step 3

I’m  taking your Nudes of NY palette from Maybelline.  These shadows are so creamy and so buttery it  makes it so easy to apply.  So you are firstly going  in with self starter with a blending brush.  You are taking that on the outer-corners of your eyes  and then through the socket, this is just going  to fade really nicely into your liner and give  me a very sultry, Soft Smokey Eye Look . 

Step 4

You are  just going  to continue blending that out before picking up  your Maybelline Tattoo Studio Smokey Gel Liner.   The best thing about this liner is that it is so  creamy but it has a smudge applicator at the back  . So the best part about it is you apply it directly  onto the skin using the crayon, you build up your  desired look obviously how thick and how much you  want to wear. 

Before then, swapping it over to the  smudge side and then smudging it all out. This  just makes it so much gentle to apply over the eye  and you can create a really lovely blended look.   Not only does the smudge applicator make it so  much easier to apply to your face but the bold  intensity lasts for up to 36 hours which means  you can go out all day or all night and it won’t  be running down your face and Soft Smokey Eye Look .  There is also a small  sharpener underneath the smudge applicator which  makes it really easy to sharpen the pencil.

Step 5

Now  moving on to using your Fit Me concealer again, Your are   going to sharpen up the edges of the Soft Smokey Eye Look so  we’re going to make it really nice and intense.  You are just going to apply a little bit through the  front and a little through the outer corner of  your eye just to create a really nice sharp shadow.  

Step 6

Now to create some bottom smokiness I’m taking  the pencil and running it through your bottom lashes  because the pencil is so precise it actually makes  it pretty easy to do before just swapping it over  to the smudge side and just making sure it’s  all properly blended and easily connected to your  top shadow. 

Step 7

Then you are going in with your Colossal  36H wear mascara, it’s absolutely incredible  both smudge proof and waterproof. It is clump-free  and you can see just how much density it brings  to your lashes.  Now a tip when applying your  mascara always take the brush to the root of  the lash and wiggle the hairs. This is going  to create massive density for your lashes and  it’ll look so much more flawless.

Can you see  the comparison between one eye to the other,  it has made so much density in your lashes and  that’s why I love this mascaraThe fact that  this mascara is both smudge-proof and waterproof  is definitely one of your favorite things about it.  The best tip that I can give when creating  a Soft Smokey Eye Look is to make sure that your base  balances as well.

Step 8

You are going in with my favorite  bronzer which is the Bronzer from Maybelline  and I’m taking that on a fluffy brush all around  your face. This is gonna complement the shadows of  the Nudes of NY palette that I placed in the  socket line of your eye and then you are going in  with my shade 15 Fit Me blush on top of your  contour.  The reason why you are  doing this is  just to raise your cheekbones a little bit and  to create a really beautiful flawless look.  

Step 9

You are highlighting you face today with the  Maybelline Master Chrome Metallic highlighter  because I created a beautiful matte look using your  Nudes of NY palette. You are  want to create a little bit  of shimmer on your face to help balance it. 

Step 10 

You are  going to do today is take your  Super stay Matte Ink Poet, it is such a beautiful  pink shade and I’ve just complemented this whole  look with a light pinkey-nude lip. You can create Soft Smokey Eye Look very easy.

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