Hair Repair Treatment For Bleached Hair

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By Sara Nawaz

 Best Hair Repair Treatment For Damaged Hair

Hair Repair Treatment For Bleached, Chemically Burnt, Damaged Hair & bleached hair falling out at roots. If your hair is getting extremely dry and falling like crazy, how to make bleached hair soft and silky treatment because when we use such amounts of chemicals on our hair.

Hair Repair Treatment For Bleached Hair

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It will also reach the scalp once the chemical reaches the roots, it will start to damage the hair, which can lead to extreme hair loss in such circumstances, you can’t even brush your hair.

Protein Treatment For Bleached Hair

Now listen carefully if you have extremely damaged hair and there is no solution then today i am sharing a hair repair treatment with you that will make your hair super soft even after the first use we will first prepare a mask therefore for that:

1. Two tablespoons of aloe vera gel (puree in a bowl)

2. Two tablespoons of Protein Mask

Only the protein mask will do the trick then only the protein mask but what company does not does not matter, only a good protein mask is needed finally I add vitamin E oil which you can order easily online .

You can also use vitamin E capsules, then mix them well to form a nice thick and consistent paste now before applying this mask make sure your hair is wet for 80 as we cannot apply this mask on dry hair.

The hair is oily or dirty, so wash your hair before this treatment, you cannot wash your hair for the next three days after this treatment, then divide your hair into small sections.
Now take the brush and start applying the mask on your hair be calm and soft as we must apply it very correctly after applying the mask correctly emulsifying the emulsion is very important so be patient apply this mask correctly on all your hair following the same technique.

Now its time to reveal the secret now i am using infrared cold iron which you can easily order online that has no heat as it is not a flat iron and it is quite expensive but this iron is specially for hair damaged by infrared they will help the product to reach the hair shafts and the hair.

So now start to use the ultrasonic iron on your hair as you can see, but make sure to move the iron slowly, otherwise it will not work now, the Protein mask will act as a shield on our hair and block the tips open will also reduce split ends friends believe me no other treatment will give you this kind of results on damaged hair as you can see we are done with this step.

Hair Repair Treatment For Bleached Hair

Best hair repair treatment for bleached hair now just wash your hair with lukewarm water without using shampoo or conditioner and that’s all try this treatment on extremely damaged and chemically burnt hair and I promise you will get 100 results.

Note: that you can not wash your hair for three days after this treatment after three days, you can wash normally using this treatment twice a month and your hair will become super silky and soft constantly.

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