How to Choose Right Developer Volume for Hair Color Dye?

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By Sara Nawaz

There are many girls like you who give their hair, whenever they want to do it, they get confused in taking Developer Volume  as to which developer should I take today I will clear this thing to you in a very easy language and easy way. It will be “very helpful for How to Choose Right Developer Volume for Hair Color Dye? ” 

How to Choose Right Developer Volume for Hair Color Dye

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The Structure of Hair

In today’s post we will know about Hair  Parts and Hair coloring   Let me tell you about hair first 

The Three Layers of Hair

Your one hair has 3 layers, which means every hair has 3 layer.

structure hair section microscope illustration brown superficial scales with sebaceous cuticles nerve endings with cellular vector fibers 573660 253
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1️⃣ *Cuticle*

The one who has a lot of hair that we can’t even see.

2️⃣ *Cortex*

This is the middle layer, this is the pigment of your hair which is called melanin. It means whatever color of your hair is in cortex that is why it is called a house of color. 90% of your hair is removed from cortex layer rest 10% 2 no layer.

3️⃣ *Medulla*

This layer is very fine and inside the hair, and this layer is not found in thin and weak hair, it is found in those who have thick and thick hair.

*Hair Color Pigment*

As you are told, hair shade and pigment of color which is called melanin, it is done in cortex. And that’s how hair gets color. So let me tell you that there are 3 pigments in hair : 

🔴 Red Hair Pigment
🟡 Yellow Hair Pigment
🔵 Blue Hair Pigment

If the level of these pigments is low, every hair becomes shade.

🟡Like the hair which has more yellow pigment, their hair is light color like golden, blonde

🔴Those who have more red pigment in their hair, their hair is brown, dark brown comes in such a wedding

🔵And those whose hair has more blue pigment, their hair comes in black

🔴 Red Hair Pigment

Similarly, if the level of pigments is less, every hair will be different, just like we have more dark brown, light brown because our hair has red hair pigment.

🔵 Blue Hair Pigment

In this way the hair is dark on the African side because their hair is high of blue hair pigment.

🟡 Yellow Hair Pigment

And  British hairs are gold, blonde like this because their hairs have yellow hair  pigment.  

Hair Color Pigment

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And whose hair turns white or starts turning white, pigment ends with their hair . Just like when light is darkened in coloring, in the same way hair is reduced, hair color becomes colorful, Hair Color Numbers and when we get hair color streaking etc. we color it while seeing pigments… There are 10, 20, 30 and 40 volumes develop in the market and to get the right color on your hair it is very important to choose the right developer. 

What is a developer?

Developer is also known by the name of VOLUME DEVELOPERS IN THE DEVELOGEN PEROXIDE HYDROGEN Peroxide I and alone give up If you can’t give up hair with color, then development is done with it. That’s why hair color is developed with tube in the market  and important thing if you want to give up long lasting hair then activator with developer Activator USE What is done means  bleach powder  then hair you have to do it again with the developer.  

How to Choose Right Developer Volume for Hair Color Dye?

Which Developer Volume is for you?

10 Volume Developer (3% Hydrogen peroxide)

Hydrogen peroxide is 3% in 10 volume developer, that is why it is used for these hairs, which is very light, it is considered weak than all developers and it is only useful in this face when you have to black dye your hair. If you have less white or grey hairs, then the color tube on your hair is very good. 10 volume developer.

20 Volume Developer (6% Hydrogen Peroxide)

Talking about 20 volumes, this is considered best for coverage of grey and white hair  20 volumes are used more in all volumes developer’s because this color of your words is the same hair coverage It is very good  it contains 6% hydrogen peroxide  and it is used for normal strong hairs.

30 Volume Developer (9% Hydrogen Peroxide)

Why 30 volume developer is used, now we know this .  If you want to lighten the color of your hair from 2 to 3% then 30 volume developers are very best for them and it is used for very strong and curly hair And if you have already had any hair on your hair, then you have to use 30 volume developerIt contains 9% hydrogen peroxide. You can’t use it on light and braid hair otherwise you will be bald. You will start falling 

40 Volume Developer (12% Hydrogen Peroxide)

This 40 volume developer is a very strong developer, it is used very less, just in the face when you have already put too much hair on your hair then this is used in eliminating all hair lamps this is your hair Color can be extended up to 4 shades.

For example if your hair color is dark black or dark brown and you want to bring light color means light hair color then also it is used with bleach (Cutdown) . But in Salon we deny it because it is a very hard developer which makes hair very dry rough and weak  unprofessionally unprofessional cannot do it at all

40 Volume Developer (12% Hydrogen Peroxide)

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Developer Levels of Lift and Processing Time

Developer Levels of Lift and Processing Time
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How Many Levels Does 10 Vol Lift


30 minutes

How Many Levels Does 20 Volume Developer Lift

1 to 2 levels

35 minutes

How Many Levels Does 30 Volume Developer Lift

2 to 3 levels

40 minutes

How Many Levels Does 40 Volume Developer Lift

Up to 4 levels

50 minutes

Best Hair Dye Developer Brands  

Today you will understand  this blog 10, 20, 30 and 40 volume developers and you will be very helpful today.

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