How to Get Highlights for Dark Brown Hair at Home

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By Sara Nawaz

Today we discuss also we have about hair chemicals treatment. Hair techniques are done in one & two ways. And today we will learn about  how to Get Highlights for Dark Brown / brunettes Hair at Home with ginger new hair color trends ideas 2020 or 2021 & pictures highlights.

Dark Brown Hair with Ginger Highlights

How to Get Highlights for Dark Brown Hair at Home

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These are the things we need to :-.


1.    Any Good Shampoo
2.    Roll Aluminum Foil Papers
3.    Apron
4.    Gloves
5.    Comb
6.    Hair Brush
7.    Clairo Bleach Power (Cut Down Powder)  or Wella  Bleach Power  (Cut Down Powder)
8.    Any Hair Color
9.    Color brush and cup
Note: You can buy any kit from  Clairol  or Wella . Number 1 is the best, but Wella  can cut hair that no one else has. Hair color can take a corner or a nice shower at will.

How to Get Highlights for Dark Brown Hair at Home

Hair Color Highlights

 Step 1 Shampoo

First, you must shampoo your client’s hair to remove all oil and dust from the hair. If the hair is oily then the treatment will not work. It is important to clean the hair before each treatment. Now you dry your client’s hair and fix it properly.

Step 2 Sectioning

Now divide the hair into 4 parts.

Step 3 Measurement

You can easily find Aluminum Foil Papers. You have to take your full role from any store or mall. And all the hair that is to be pulled out will be cut an inch larger than a piece. For example, if you want to attack 4 inch hair, the length of the foil strip must be 5 inches shorter. And you have to remember that. The scalp should start stroking from a distance of 2 inches.

 Step 4  Bleachingir?t=beautysecre06 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B0009QZYLU

The Countdown Kit will take the Cut Down Powder  put it in a plastic bowl. As much as you take cut down powder, use a double developer.


For thicker or darker hair color we have get Volume 40 For thinner or lighter colors we have get  Volume 30 Or more then lighter  Developer Volume 20 Put them both in a bowl and mix with a brush.  Mix very well. Mix the powder & properly.

 Step 5 Application

In the hair section, we will take a layer from the back. With the help of tail comb we will remove half of this layer and leave one below and put foil paper on it. A strip of foil paper will be placed on top and the products made with the help of a brush will be applied at a distance of 2 inches from the scalp. 
Hair Color Highlights

And then we will fold the sheet from bottom to top then from left and right to the hair and cover it.

Step 6 

The next step is to remove another layer, then slice it in half. A strip of foil paper must be placed between the 2 numbers. And re-apply the product with the brush and cover.  I have to remove one layer from each part. There are 2 parts to this. Place a strip of foil paper in the middle and place the products on the top layer and fold the sheet.

Striking occurs randomly on the hair, so there is no need to spread all the hair, make a layer and then steal a layer. Straighten all the hair like this. So clear. After Volume 30  to Volume  40 minutes, remove the foil from the hair and wash the hair with plain water. After washing with a brush in a color bowl.
Step 7
Mix the Color you want to give your prominent hair and mix any Conditioner  around 1 tablespoon to make the hair more smooth. Then apply this color to every layer of hair that is highlighted with a brush. 15-20 minutes of bad color wash. Apply any Hair Serum and dry the hair thoroughly with a towel and comb. Then do a hair dryer your hair has been beautiful.

Hair Color Care Tips

This process is similar to rebounding, you have to practice with one of your professionals. Take care of damaged hair if it is not getting rough or hair color. Use protective / color care shampoo and conditioner. Home Remedies, Oils Everything has to be done because hair needs care after chemicals. Color Protected Shampoo Coffee Brands Available:

She can take it at will.

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