Homemade Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment

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By Sara Nawaz

Natural Keratin Sources

This DIY is about best natural hair keratin sources. This DIY hair straightening treatment will make your hair shiny heal dead hair and curly hair. Let’s start the DIY our first ingredient is:

Homemade Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment

keratin Treatment at Home Ingredients

1.  Flex seeds

2.  Two bananas

We just need bananas peels Bananas contain silica. That make your hair stronger and  thicker Cut banana peels into small pieces. Take a saucepan and add water in it put the banana peel in saucepan Boil the banana peels on the stove.  After boiling it 15 minutes filter the mixture using a strainer Banana will remove dandruff, dryness and protect your hair from hair.

Then we grind the banana peels using electric blender or grinder take a bowl. Now  we got the banana cream. The second step take a saucepan:

 1. Add 1 cup of water

 2. Add two tablespoons of flaxseeds

Make it boil Keep stirring until the mixture become white foam after boiling let it  become cool Filter the mixture using a medical gaze or cloth We extract flaxseed  jelly.  Flaxseed increases hair elasticity and helps to speed the length.

Add few drops of 

castor oil 

Removes dryness from hair and also improves scalp condition  now and add 4 tablespoon of flaxseed gel. Mix it Keratin mask for hair your hairs should be clean before applying it Start applying it  from roots to end after applying it wear plastic or shower cap. Apply it for 2 hours and wash it off with shampoo Use it 2 times a week for best  DIY hair straightening treatment results.

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