Skin Types

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By Sara Nawaz

Skin Types

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In summer, the face loses its youthfulness, which looks quite ugly. Use water as much as possible to brighten and refresh it. Eat things that have a cool effect, due to the high temperature in summer. Sweating is more so that the internal temperature of the body can remain normal.
Due to this, the skin has to work a lot. Its pores open. Dirt accumulates in them and forms scaly grains. At least to avoid this. Wash your face three to four times. When you go out of the house, try to use an umbrella If wearing a hijab or scarf, use a light or white color as black absorbs heat. Don’t forget to wear glasses and sunblock. Remember that a repeated sunblock is not enough for the whole day but has to be used repeatedly You need to know what kind of texture your skin has. Smooth, dry, normal, or combination skin has its own problems. Make sure you have a date. Makeup products can usually last up to a year.

Smooth Skin

The sign of this is that the forehead, nose, chin and the rest of the face are dry. Women with smooth skin usually complain of pimples, pimples and acne. In summer, they increase. Multani mud mask is the best solution for them. In addition, boiling neem leaves in cold water and washing your face can reduce acne. 

Dry Skin

The skin of dry-skinned women is normal in summer. It becomes stiff in winter. Blemishes and wrinkles appear. For these women, it is advisable to mix honey, olive oil and rose liqueur to maintain the beauty of the skin.

Normal Skin

This type of skin does not have to work hard for dry or oily skin. With a little care and attention, women can maintain their beauty. In summer, when they come out of the sun, sprinkle rose water on their face. Spray liqueur roses are available in the market and can also use a cleansing cream.
 An Easy way to make Cleansing cream at Home

To make a reliable cleansing cream at home
1-     Mix a tablespoon
of powdered milk .

2-     Few drops of rose water.
Apply it on the face as
well as the neck as some women do not pay attention to the neck which makes the
neck look black and ugly.
This recipe is very useful for us to color.

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