DIY Hair Protein Treatment at Home

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By Sara Nawaz

Hair fall, thinness and after drying hair, it is colorless and life, dear,, All these things are treated with protein treatment in the parlor in which different creams and capsule serums are applied on your hair What is the treatment that is very expensive.


What is the best  DIY, homemade Hair egg Protein Treatment mask benefits at Home for natural, curly , black hair without egg for 4c hair

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DIY Hair Protein Treatment at Home

DIY Hair Protein Treatment at Home can be done from home items, which will result in a parlor for you.

Egg Protein Treatment for Natural Hair

1.  One Eating Spoon of Mayonnaise (it plays an important role in hair’s nest, takes life in your hair)
2.  One Eating Spoon of Mustard Oil
3.  One Egg
4.  One Evion Capsule
5.   A Little Bit of Nutmeg Powder

Method of DIY Hair Protein Treatment

Mix all your ingredients in a bowl and apply it to all your hair with the help of an oil brush, when the hair is made of mayonnaise, and digger Ingredients paste them on your hair with your light hands. Have to massage for 10 minutes then cover your hair with a scarf, and wash your hair with shampoo after an hour.

DIY Hair Protein Treatment for Hair Benefits

Protein treatment hair mask increases your hair nourishment and makes your hair beautiful and healthy and makes your hair silky shiny. Do home protein treatment once a week.

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