My Hair Care Routine to Grow Long Hair

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By Sara Nawaz

My Hair Care Routine  Tips For Repairing Damaged Hair
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My Hair Care Routine to Grow Long Hair  is as important as any fitness or skin care routine because with age and with exposure to the sun, pollution causes our hair to become thinner and damaged .

Hair Care Routine

In some cases even hair loss can start to happen so personally I think a hair care regimen is extremely necessary .

Step 1  Oiling

I try to oil My Hair Care Routine  to Grow Long Hair  at-least twice a week Oil which ever is available I use that, for me personally its not necessary to use any specific brands hair oil I often use simple coconut oil or even olive oil . In-fact there is a mixture that you can prepare at home which is by taking Almond oil + Olive oil + Coconut Oil in equal quantity and mixing them well. You can either apply overnight or apply 45 mins to 1 hour before taking a shower for oiling the hair.

Step 2  Applying Shampoo

I prefer to wash My Hair Care Routine  to Grow Long Hair  at least 23 times a week it also depends from the type of hair you need to determine how often to wash the hair you may require in a week. 

Pro Tip : Untangle your hair before shampooing Shampoo right now I am switching between various products .

I prefer to use one product and try it for at-least two months to asses its potential and results Remember to make sure that our shampoo is Sulfate-FreeI will make a list of good quality Sulfate-Free Shampoo but before recommending I will try the products myself and be sure of its quality . I want to be responsible so I will recommend only once I am sure After shampooing. We will use a conditioner make sure that the conditioner is applied only on the hair and not all over the scalp.

You can start to apply halfway and go towards the ends of the hair take a little bit of conditioner and rub if on your palms and then apply on the hair again . Plz make sure not to apply the conditioner on your scalp because we don’t want the chemicals to get into the scalp We will use a scalp hair mask.  

Steps Hair Conditioner 

Keep the conditioner for at least 5 minutes and then wash it Moving on to. 

Step 4  Drying

I made a few mistakes during this process, but recently realized that you don’t need to apply force to dry them . We should let it dry naturally do not rush to dry them do not use the hair dryer unless it is extremely urgent or necessary to avoid drying the hair. Once you have finished washing your hair, gently use a micro fiber towel to wrap the hair and let the hair dry naturally do not force drying.

Step 4 Hair Serum

The next   Hair Care Routine is using a hair serumApply to partially wet hair take a few drops and rub in your hands then gently massage your hair. Apply the serum to hair and not on your roots/scalp.

 Step 5 Hair Combing

It will be motivating the hair uses a wooden comb with big and big hair gently paint the hair after drying do not use the comb in the wet .

 Step 6 Hair Masks

Moving to the last step  Hair Care Routine using hair masks . You can apply hair masks 23 times a month you can use homemade masks and market products. let me know in the comments if you would me to share recipes for home made masks how I maintain and nourish  Hair Care Routine    .

So these were the simple steps that I follow You can do a simple test to determine your scalp type you just need a tissue paper. 

  • After waking up, wash and condition the hair, then make sure you don’t exercise hard or work out for about 810 hours and avoid doing the work you don’t do regularly.
  • Could make your scalp sweaty do regular house hold work then 8-1to hours later you can do the tissue paper test .
  • I have already done the above mentioned steps and now I am going to demonstrate this test rub it gently on the scalp do this multiple times.
  • I don’t see any oil residue on the tissue therefore my scalp type is DRY You can try this out if you feel some parts are oily and some are dry it means you have a combination scalp type.
  • If a lot of oil builds up evenly on the tissues your scalp type is oily Here is my bonus tip for the day every time I do an oil massages on the hair . 
  • This will help blood circulation and nutrient absorption then , start using hot oil . 

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