Best Natural & Glass/ Flawless Skin Care Routine

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By Sara Nawaz

Best Natural & Glass Flawless Skin Care Routine

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Great healthy skin is significant for the accompanying reasons. it helps your skin stay in great condition and day by day healthy skin routine for sparkling skin. 
A successful Skin Care Routine advances can assist with forestalling skin inflammation ,treat wrinkles, and assist with keeping your skin putting its best self forward.
With proper and consistent care, the skin of the people can
be even better.

Best Natural & Glass/ Flawless Skin Care Routine:

1- Daily night cleansing milk is called cleansing.
2- Need to clean with deep cleansing cream 2 times a week, you
can do it daily in winter. Two days a week, you need a nice white mask or
herbal mask ..
3- In 15 days, I used to brighten my skin once a year, but I
reduced the powder  
(accelerator) to 1/4 of it.
4- Be sure to use  any face pack
that suits you, I need a mask of rice powder and almond 
powder . I have one or
two treats for the week.

5- Cleanses apply a white or night cream to clear the night and
apply bad toner My Daily 
 Routine .
6- Night Serum . I do that Vitamin B3 Triple
Sunscreen Lotion  apply before sleep. 
Hands and Feet Also Need Proper Care
7- Manicure and  Pedicure Weekly at home .. must be Scrubbing… Bleach your hands and feet 2 times in a month. Bleach is very good.
8- White lotions are given in two ways to make the night
essential … must be washed in 
the morning ..
9- “Pink Vaseline Lotion
Vitamin B3 Triple Sunscreen, Navy or Not in Pool 3 My favorite lotion H ” The day you work in the kitchen, be free, wash your face
with cold water and apply  Multani mud mask . 
you will show the difference
and your skin will also 
be perfectly softened. ..
10- Drink 7-8 glasses of water, it protects your skin from all
kinds of diseases, drink a 
glass of  lemon juice in the morning and drink 1 cup
of green tea in the evening.

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