Dermacos Whitening Facial at home !step by step

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By Sara Nawaz

It is Most Favorite kit in most of the Parlour in Pakistan. I’ll share Dermacos Whitening Facial at home !step by step and you will learn how to use Dermacos Facial at home.

Dermacos Whitening Facial is very effective and gives your skin an instant glow skin  that you are looking for.

Every girl wants her face to be clean and glowing. So girls
leave the salon and parlor and 
do your facial at home.

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Face Wash

First we will wash the face with facial wash, if you do not
have a facial wash of  Dermacos 
then you can use some face wash.

It is Most Favorite kit in most of the Parlour in Pakistan. I'll share Dermacos Whitening  Facial at home !step by step and you will learn how to use
Face wash and
facial wash are same thing.


After facial wash, you have to do grey lotion and cleansing  the face and neck…Facial Step has seen you in this picture.

From this step you have to do cleansing, you have to do cleansing with gray lotion for 2 minutes, after 2 minutes apply net with the help of sponge.


Gray lotion cleanses the face and neck  with a hexagonal cleanser.

One Drop dermacos serum is mixed in hexagonal cream and cleansing
for one minute.

Serum up glow  the
face, it does no harm to your skin, but it does all the skin, acne, dry , 
normal. After 10 minutes, neat with the help of a sponge.

Whitening Bleach

 Now if someone uses whitening bleach, then they can use any other 

1-   Wella bleach powder————- 1/2 or 1 teaspoon
2-    Wella developer 20 volume———–1/2 or 1 teaspoon
3-    Face shinner(soft touch)————–2 or 3 drops
4-    Soothing lotion———2 or 3 drops
10-  Aloe vera gel—–1 teaspoon

Mix it well.

Now apply this mixture on the neck first, apply it on the neck, apply it on the bad face, do not apply it on the eyes, do not apply it on the eye brows.

Now apply this mixture for 15 minutes and rub it for 15 minutes.


After the Hexagonal Cleanser, the Guava  Scrub is done. The scrub will just in 5

Do not use the scrub on  eyes  upper part of the scrub because the scrub has
fine grains. If 
you do a scrub massage, the eyes  will go inside, which can harm us, so be
careful not to 
scrub the eyes  while

 After 5 minutes, clean the scrub with a spong.

Massage Cream

Massage with bad gray cream of scrub, and mix one drop of
serum in the cream.
2 minutes of cleansing.  Gray cream and gray lotion are


The cream was neat  with a sponge. I have to apply smoothing
toner. I will apply the toner 
with a brush. Leave the toner on for 5 minutes.


Lastly, we will apply the mask. Applying the mask, your eyes
will keep your cucumber 
slices. This
will reduce your dark circles and will fresh your skin.


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                                                Dermacos Whitening Facial at home !step by step
Note:-.Dermacos Whitening Facial at home !step by step:-.

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