8 DIY Amazing Make your own hair conditioner

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By Sara Nawaz

Make Your Own Hair Conditioner
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The most important function of the conditioner is to soften the cuticle, to make the hair shiny and beautiful. Their work reaches the roots of the hair and has the amazing ability to make it thicker, healthier and stronger. Make your own hair conditioner

8 DIY Make your own Hair Conditioner

1. Condition Hair with Henna

Henna is the best yen for hair conditioner. But make sure that the henna is not black and contains chemicals, but use natural henna to apply on the hair. The color of pure henna is dull green. Take henna according to the length of your hair and mix it with two eggs, four tablespoons of lemon juice, yogurt and coffee to make a thick paste.
If your hairis dry, add two tablespoons of oil in it. Now start applying henna to the hair from the roots and apply it to the scalp. Then put on a shower cap and wash your hair an hour later. hair does not need to be shampooed.

2. For Dull Hair

Mix one egg, two tablespoons castor oil, two tablespoons lemon juice and one teaspoon glycerin well. Mix all these ingredients well and apply. Wash hair after an hour and a half.

3. Honey Conditioner

Take one egg, one teaspoon of honey and two teaspoons of coconut oil or sesame oil and mix them well. Apply it well on the scalp and shampoo the hair after one hour.

4. Ball Flowers

Take three dried or fresh flowers of sweet ball and soak them in hot water. Leave it for an hour then separate the water. Wash your hair and then wash your hair with this water.

5. For Weak Hair

Pour ten drops of my oil in fifty milligrams of water daily, shake well and keep in a glass bottle. Apply it on the hair after shampooing. Do not use real oil mixed with water.

6. Fenugreek Seeds

Finely grind fenugreek seeds and soak a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in two cups of water. Let them stay wet all night. Then after washing thehair, wash the hair with this water. This is a good yen conditioner. Which protects the head from infections and lice.

7. Neem Leaves

Soak two handfuls of neem leaves in four cups of warm water overnight. The next morning, rinse with this water and wash your head with it. It relieves itching and is useful in dryness. A paste of soaked neem leaves can also be made. Apply this paste on the scalp and wash the scalp after one and a half hours.

8. Tea Leaf

Take used tea leaves. Boil it in four or five cups of water and let it cool. Examine it and use it after washing the head.

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