Ways to have a long hair and shiny

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By Sara Nawaz

Ways to have a long hair and shiny
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Nowadays where there is chaos and everyone wants immediate results. Expensive parlors are taking advantage of this and charging a handful for a modest hair treatment. But if you want to make your hair strong and shiny, you can increase the shine of your hair by making hair serum and spray at home.

Easy and useful prescriptions:

Orange Hair Spray and Shampoo:

Take a canoe extract and mix it well with water (not too much) as required, five drops of honey and five drops of sandalwood juice and apply this mixture well after shampooing the hair.
After 15 minutes, wash your hair thoroughly with water. The hair will become shiny and will start smelling sweet. Do this at least once a week.
After going to a function, after washing the hair, just mix canoa liqueur and sandalwood liqueur in water and spray it on the hair to make it shiny. Stone peels are a very important item to enhance the shine in the hair. They should not be thrown away as useless. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.
Add half the amount of crushed sand. Boil both in water for one hour. Use this mixture instead of soap to wash your head. This will make the hair of the head very strong and shiny.

Tea Bag : 

After making the tea, boil the remaining leaves in the kettle or put two glasses of water in the tea bag and squeeze the juice of one lemon in it. Then wash your hair with this water. This will make the hair shine.

Mayonnaise Hair Pack : 

Mayonnaise contains egg yolk, oil and vinegar which enhances the shine and density of hair. Be sure to apply mayonnaise to hair for an hour before bathing twice a week and mix lemons in shampoo to wash hair. This will make the hair look shiny.

Vinegar :

Try to have oil on your head whenever you wash your hair. Because excessive use of shampoo reduces the shine of hair. Therefore, apply any oil in the hair half an hour before washing. Using vinegar twice a week enhances the shine of hair.
When shampooing the hair, add a tablespoon of vinegar and half a lemon juice to the last mug of water and slowly pour this water on the hair. Then let the hair dry on its own. Vinegar and lemon water make the hair shine.

Curry Leaves:

Curry leaves not only enhance the taste of food but also enhance the shine of hair. Put a handful of curry leaves in a cup of coconut oil and cook well until the leaves change color. Now cool this oil and put it in a bottle. Half an hour before taking a bath, massage this oil in your hair and wash your head. The shine of the hair will last for a long time.

Fruit Mask: 

Our hair is as sensitive as our skin as we apply fruit juice to the face and get the desired results. In the same way, fruit pulp and juice also enhances the shine and luster of hair. Avocado and banana are very useful for hair. Apply the pulp of both the fruits in the hair and after half an hour wash the hair with lukewarm water, the hair will look smooth and shiny.

Yogurt : 

Squeeze ten ground black pepper and one lemon in half a pound of yogurt and mix it. Apply it on the hair and leave it for 20 minutes, then wash the head. This will make the hair soft, soft and shiny. Calcium increases hair volume by increasing the shine of hair. That is why many people wash their hair with milk. In addition to yogurt and milk, applying coconut milk or cream also makes hair strong and shiny.

Aloe Vera and Fenugreek Seed Hair Pack : 

Aloe vera benefits hair in every way whether it is hair growth problem or dry scalp. Using aloe vera enhances the overall health of the hair. Mix a quarter cup of castor oil and a quarter cup of fenugreek seed powder in a cup of aloe vera gel and apply on the hair one hour before washing the head, the hair will start to become soft and shiny. Fenugreek seeds have excellent antioxidant and moisturizing properties that restore the color of unruly and lifeless hair, so fenugreek water is also useful for washing the scalp.

Coffee :

People who complain of hair loss should wash their hair thoroughly. After washing the hair with shampoo, rinsing the hair with two cups of black coffee also gives off the scent of the hair and also increases the shine of the hair.

Pumpkin Juice :

Pumpkin enhances the shine of hair. Finely chop the gourd and boil it in water till the gourd is well melted. Now make a paste by applying gourd in this water and apply it in the hair. Applying gourd paste once a week will make the hair shiny and soft.

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