Katrina Kaif Bridal Makeup Look

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By Sara Nawaz

Katrina Kaif Bridal Makeup  Look

Katrina Kaif Wedding

Katrina Kaif Bridal Makeup  Look nothing less than a goddess celebrity makeup a minimal matte makeup look for Katrina and i love how he focuses more on the person than the makeup .This Katrina Kaif Bridal Makeup Look  simplest form so you can create it as well now without further ado let’s begin. 

We’re going for that minimalistic look the focus is going to be on skin now make sure to have applied sunscreen before you start any makeup especially. If it’s going to be a daytime wedding to hydrate and moisturize. You are going to start with the charlotte’s magic cream by charlotte tilbury. This will help to smooth out your  skin giving a glowing and a plumper looking canvas and for that extra boost of hydration to keep your  skin looking really plump and nice.

Step 2 Serum ( Tatcha The Serum Stick)
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You are going to be using the tatcha serum stick this is a treatment in touch-up balm and i like to use this in areas where you  have those fine lines or dryness or dullness or even uneven texture on your  skin and to tackle the dryness around the eyes.

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You are  going to be using the tattoo silk peony this is a melting eye cream this will help to smooth and blur out some of those fine lines .  So when you use a concealer or a primer it doesn’t settle in those fine lines and look cakey .

Step 4 Lip Balm   Milani Transforming Lip Balm )
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Moisturize your  lips and prep it .You are  going to be using the rose lip balm by Milani a super important.

Step 5  Primer (Tatcha liquid silk canvas)ir?t=beautysecre06 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B085VFYN7Z

Step before you begin any makeup is to use a primer and  you are  going to be using the Tatcha liquid silk canvas this is going to do two things for you one it’s going to minimize the appearance of fine lines and pores by filling it in. So it’s going to give you that smooth canvas before you apply your foundation and it’s also going to form a tacky layer over your skin. So when you apply your foundation or any other product over this it’s going to cling on to this which will make the makeup long-lasting.

Step 6 Color Correction (Coastal Scents Eclipse Concealer Palette)
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You are  going to choose a light peach corrector to correct in areas where i have uneven skin tone that includes your  dark circles patches as well as dark spots. You are  just applying it with a brush and you can instantly see a difference usually dark circles and patches have a blue undertone. So when you use an orange or a peach corrector it neutralizes it to even out your skin tone you don’t need too much product all you need is very little just to neutralize it . 

You can do patch and spot correction with this usually if it’s a deeper shade of peach or orange you tend to set it with a little bit of powder before you apply foundation over this just so the products don’t mix but  you are  using such a light peach shade.  So you don’t need to set it with powder if you observe Katrina Kaif Bridal Makeup  Look   curves flawless base makeup you can see the dimension but it doesn’t look like it’s sculpted with makeup.

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Here’s a way to achieve it by using two different shades of foundation one of my favorite foundations to use on brides is the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation and again . You are  going to be using two shades Soft Sand which is you skin tone and dark chocolate which is deeper. You are going to start with Soft Sand which is a close match to your skin tone you are  going to dot it mostly in the central part of your face and using a damp sponge .

You are going to spread it outward what i love about this foundation as you can see it gives you that flawless coverage but at the same time your skin has that luminous glow and it looks like skin it doesn’t look like you  have too much makeup on it doesn’t give. You that cakey finish it gives you the right amount of medium to buildable full coverage and at the same time keeps your skin looking really nice especially when you look at it from up close now to build that subtle dimension.

Step 8 Contour
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I’m taking the deeper shade of foundation which is dark chocolate you are   just taking a tad bit in the back of your  hands with a flat top kabuki brushYou are  going to start applying in areas where i usually contour your face the reason  you are  using a foundation instead of a cream contour is because it’s lighter than a concealer or a cream contour it’s more sheer and it blends beautifully .  So it looks seamless which means you will still have all the sculpting and the dimension but it looks. So soft you can barely tell another thing to note here is you are using foundations from the same brand or the same foundation in two different shades because i know that they will blend into each other really well & Katrina Kaif Bridal Makeup  Look.

So it’s going to give that flawless finish another thing that i like to do after you ‘ve applied both the foundations is to take your  damp sponge again without any extra product on it and dab it all over your  face that’s going to make sure that everything is blended seamlessly and it’s also going to absorb some of that extra product again giving .

Step 9 Concealer ( Tarte shape tape concealer 35n)

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You a non cakey skin like finish the only thing to even out now on the skin is around my eyes and mouth. So you are  going to be using the tarte shape tape concealer in the shade 35n again you are  using very less product just to cover up the uneven skin tone.

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You are  going to blend it out with the damp sponge to prevent the concealer and foundation from settling in the fine lines and creasing. You are  going to be very lightly setting your  face with the charlotte tilbury airbrush flawless finish setting powder that’s a mouthful and your  using the shade 2 which is medium this brush is from real techniques it’s super soft. 

Step 11 Blush On ( Kevyn Aucoin The Contour Book)
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So gentle and perfect for a look like this next we need the lightest hue of rosiness for the cheeks a very light blush. So you are  going to be using the contour book from kevin aquan this blush here is the lightest blush that you  have it is so pretty just gives you the right amount of rosiness and she had it very light as well so here we go time to lock the makeup so it doesn’t move.

Step 12 Setting Spray  (Benefit The POREfessional: Super Setter)
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So you are going to be using the benefit professional setting spray.

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Moving on to browse and eyes for brows you are  going to be using precisely your brows from benefit cosmetics in the shade 4.5 it has that precision tip which i absolutely love. So you can draw very natural looking hair like strokes she has very natural filled and brows. So you are  going to be just filling in the sparse areas with this her brows are just a tad bit longer in the outer end so you are  going to lengthen mine as well but overall. You are  just going to fill in the sparse areas keeping it bushy and natural and giving it some shape for the eyes again she went for that very simple look defining her lash line with a cold pencil and defining the crease with a brown eyeshadow.

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You are  going to be using the four-way eyeshadow palette from house labs choosing the shade coffee to define the crease all . You are  going to do is pull out an outer c with a small blending brush by color pop and you are going to soften it and then you are  going to very lightly use it in your lower lash line just to add some definition only in the outer half using the shade late .You are  going to add a light highlight to the inner corner as well as brow bones a light shade like this will attract more light towards your eyes making your eyes appear brighter.

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Next using the aqua resist pencil by makeup forever you are  going to define your lash line pulling out a small wing as well as lining your  lash line it doesn’t have to be perfect because we will use an angled brush to smooth it out . This is my favorite eye pencil it’s smudge proof waterproof long lasting and highly pigmented and then you are  also going to be using it in your  waterline that’s pretty much it for the eyes it looks defined and clean.

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Now it’s time to finish up with some mascara and lashes for mascara. You are going to be using the makeup forever excessive lash mascara and for lashes she had very natural looking lashes.  

Step 17  False LashesArdell Natural Lashes 117)
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So you are  going with ardell naturals and 117 then you are  going to use a little bit more mascara to make sure they blend in with your  natural lashes and in the lower lashes as well you are  going to be using very less mascara and here’s the completed .

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Eye look simple clean and classy she kept her lips nude as well and you  have the perfect shade for it it’s the charlotte tilbury pillow talk and two you are  going to first line your  lips with a brush  and here is the completed .

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