How to Layer Cut in Straight Hair Step by Step

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By Sara Nawaz

Layer Cut in Straight Hair
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Layer Cut in Straight Hair today we will learn how to cut layers hair Whatever the cutting is, until it is not practiced, perfection doesn’t come That’s why I am saying again and again that if you practice, you will be perfect. Nothing can be taught without practice , you have seen which Layer Cut in Straight Hair we are learning today. Now the pain is that :

Hair Cutting Process

Remember whenever you Layer Cut in Straight Hair your client’s hair Before starting the cutting, wash the hairs of the client’s after getting a makeover . You have to use shampoo and Conditioner to wash your hair . You have to wet client’s hair properly first.
Hair Cutting Process
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Then apply shampoo and message so that all Hairs get cleaned and all the dirt will be removed Now after you shampooed hares nicely. Have to wash and remove shampoo Now you have to apply for Conditioner, remember One should not apply on condition roots, there can be a problem of hair brain. After applying Conditioner you have to wait 2 to 3 mm and then wash it . It has been clear till here.

Hair Cutting Tools for Beginners

Now let’s see which tools will be used:
You have learn the complete method before cutting Now we will start our cutting which is called Layer Cut in Straight Hair .

Hair Cutting Degree Angle

Cutting also has degrees Like 90° 180° today we will cut hair with 90° Cutting is very easy, lovely. You just have to focus. Let me tell you about degrees first .

0 Degree Cut

0° degree cut means without layering hair cuts are completely straight in this degree.

45 Degree Layered Haircut

More than 45° is done in short hair . Because there is very less layering in this cut, that is why it suits on short hair.

90 Degree Layered Cut

Layer cutting is done in 90 degrees because there is a lot of layer cutting in it, that is why it is called layer cutting.

180 Layered Haircut

Hairs are cut in full layers in 180 degrees means hair min layering+ volume comes from hair cut. Those who are professionals are recognized by haircuts, so if a client goes to saloon and says that he has to cut straight . So the beautician knows that cutting will be done at 0 degree, if you want to layer it will be 90 degree . You have seen the degrees . So that you will understand everything easily you have seen the degrees .

      Step by Step Hair Cutting Techniques

Now we start haircut :


First of all you have to cut 50% of your client’s hair. And we have to combine well and make a section.


Now you have to open 1 section from the back side and comb it nicely . First of all you have to straighten your hair at 0 degree. This is your hair cutting guide line on which you have to cut complete hair & Layer Cut in Straight Hair.


Now you have to open 1 more section of the upper and Hairs have to be combined on outside side Have to keep in fingers and back guide line. We have to hold him and cut him straight. you have to put your hair on the right side. Don’t get confused if you will be seen in pictures too.
Step by Step Hair  Cutting Techniques

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Now you have to open the second section and the same guide Following the line, I have to go haircuts for long straight hair You have to follow 1 guidelines and go. They have to run comb again after cutting Hairs are cutting by carrying in hand I want to do something with you again, hairs up and down somewhere. Shouldn’t straighten hairs When you leave hairs then their layering will be made Our back side cutting has been completed, now we will come to the front side. Now you have to open the front section And the front section has to be cut from the guidelines of the back.
Step by Step Hair  Cutting Techniques

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But if client wants front layer short medium layered haircuts If yes, you can cut the guide line separately. It is not necessary to follow You have to cut the hair of the front side by keeping it upside down while cutting & Layer Cut in Straight Hair . After you cut the two sections of the front I have to check if there is a small green hair Isn’t it, the cutting is done well . Now you have to comb all the hairs properly and Have to set the hair and at last you have to do that Should end the sharpness of cutting and give a soft look.
For that you have to run the opposite sections of hair . We have to give a soft look to the cutting while running a lightly . You have to take some sections in your hand and They have to go for rough cut, this is your cutting. Will look good and will also look attractive Here our Layer Cut in Straight Hair cutting is completed .


You can straighten your hair or blow dry if you want Did you understand today’s cutting well.
Step by Step Hair  Cutting Techniques

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